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    I haven't be on Belly Belly for a while now. Was on the TTC about a year ago and am happy to now be in the 'Belly Buddies' group First Trimester.

    It seems like no one has posted here for a while (unless i'm not reading the posts correctly which is highly possible!) but I'm hoping that there are some people out there I can share this with! I have so many questions!

    To catch everyone up.. DH and I have been TTC for about 2.5yrs and finally have managed to do the BD correctly! My DR tells me that I am 9weeks & 1 day but Im not sure of that.... my reasoning is that I have a VERY irregular cycle. My last cycle was 51 days and prior to that I think it was 64 days. So i'm confused. I thought (although i never used an OPK) that ovulation occurred 14 days before a period? and at around 14 days prior to my period (if it were to be 51 days like the last one) is when I started having super sore BB's! So if anyone has any more info than I, my last AF was 4th May.... am I really 9 weeks??

    Hope there is someone out there!

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    just realised i am in the wrong place! Sorry! Going over to Due Feb group now! Ill figure this out one day!

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