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    I just need to have a little vent - sorry.

    I am so sick and tired of these damn pregnancy hormones. The slightest thing DH does that I don't like either sends me into fits of tears or makes my blood boil. DH is going through a tough time at the moment and is struggling to be the best he can and instead of being my normal understanding self, I just want to grab him by the shoulders and shake him silly! I feel like I'm at boiling point and have even considered packing my bags and checking into a motel for a few days so I can chill out or calling his Dad and having him intervene. I feel awful for this! I wish I could control these hormones!

    Sorry for the vent....


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    I really hope things get better, i'm feeling the same way, i just had a huge blow out with my partner, and i'm not usuaaly like that at all, but the littlest thing he does just really bugz me to boiling point as well! i think him n i are both ready for the hormoes to be ova.
    cheerz, cass

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    MG, Poor thing.
    Really hope your hormones settle down for you soon.
    Thinking of you.

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    LOL poor men ha! I have been ripping my husbands head off because veryhting he says I am sure he is being rude or snappy at me but when I get a levelled head on my shoulders I realise he is just the same to me as he was before I got preggers!

    When I start to feel that I am going to be rude to him without a good cause, I leave the room now! Oh and take a thousand deep breathes!


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    Yup, I'm just the same and I hate it! Poor DH has had it for the last 2-3 months, poor love. Then again, sometimes I wonder if it is just my fault...

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    Thanks lovelies - it's good to know I'm not the only one. Although I will admit I didn't realise how bad I was - I was at the fire brigade yesterday and I've been offered the role of training manager for our station so I was talking to one of the boys about it and he advised me not to take it because there is so much work involved and "as things progress you will become grumpIER" OMG! All I did was laugh at him but it made me stop and think what I had done at the brigade! Oops! I thought I was being pretty good at the brigade and rather "normal" as only a few people there know! LOL! It's all part of it I guess.

    I hope everyone else is coping and the hormones aren't completly taking over!


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