thread: How did you tell your partner?

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    firsttimedad Guest

    How did you tell your partner?

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd set up new post on how you told your DP/DH when you found out you were pregnant.

    Well here goes how Nae told me.
    On July 5th 2004 I asked Nae to marry me and of course she said yes. The following week she was looking around for various big fancy wedding recption places. She found one she really liked which for 50 ppl for ceremony and recption would cost total of $5000. So I sughested we go vist my parents for a loan for a deposit for the wedding. ANyhow after work that night Nae picked me up from work beofre we were to head to my parent. She picked me up at 4.20pm and was abnormally quiet when i got into the car. We drove to my parents and talked about weddings etc...that went well and she was all chirpy about the whole thing. However soon as we got back into the car she went deadly silent again. So got a little worried about this.

    Anyways we got back to her place at the time and she said to me you'd better sit down for what I'm about to tell you. "Here I am sitting down panicing on what she was about to tell me, I was thinking all sorts of bad things like don't love me afterall and can't marry you" I was literally panicing. Anyhow once I'd sat down she says to me "I'm Pregnant" To this day Im sure she just said "hello Daddy" but she assures me she didn't say it that way. I just sat in stunned silice for a few minutes I'm sure and she was siting thinking oin what i was thinking. All I could say for the first few minutes was "WOW" and boy "At least I know I work" (LOL). In the space of the few minutes after that we were smiling anf giggling and laughing and crying and through all scopes of anticipation and excitement. She informed me she went to the doctor to confirm it
    earlier that day after she called me with the news about the reception centre.

    Anyways I hope this starts a fun and informative thread.
    Kind Regards
    Rob "AKA firsttimedad"

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    Feb 2004

    As most of you know, we were TTC for 2 years before finally conceiving our little boy. I was due to go to the Infetility Clinic on Monday & AF was due on the Saturday. My temps had been staying high & I had told Aaron earlier in the week that it was really odd for my temps to be as high as they were at this point in time.

    So 7am Saturday morning I took my temp & it was still up. Aaron said, "Just go do the test, you know you want to!" I said no and he kept trying to convince me to do it, so in the end we did 'scissors, paper rock' to decide (which I purposely lost ). So off I went, did the test & came back to bed with it a few minutes later.

    The line was really faint & I asked him what he thought. He said "I think it's two lines, that's negative right?", I just grinned and he knew!!! I kept saying "Are you sure there's a line there?" and he was, but I ended up taking the test to mum to confirm there was a second line!!

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    Aug 2004

    well, we had been trying for 4 months, and had just been told by doctor we may not be able to conceive, and was in the middle of having tests galore including an ultrasound that showed i was in no way shape of form PG. So dont ask me what made me pick up a HPT with my groceries that night.

    DH was on his way home from work, so i did the test, and before i saw it, i accidentally dropped it down the back of the toilet and couldnt reach it, so i did another one, and put in the batrhoom cupboard so DH wouldnt see it, he would have thought i had gone mad if he saw me doing one after what we had been told! then i opened the cupboard door at the end of the time and could clearly see two really strong lines, i nearly fainted.

    i ran to the toilet with the tongs and got the other test out from behind it, another very strong BFP. I rang DH on mobile in tears and said "ive got two pink lines" he couldnt understand me through my tears and said "yeah I'll pick up some wine" we went through this three times before he understood me, he was in total shock.

    i rang my mum and she came around, and we did the 3rd test together, burst out crying and then DH walked in the door, and we were all so happy!

    Yeah for our miracle bubs, still cant explain that ultrasound. shows what a little [-o< can do for a person!

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    When I fell preg with Kam it was around the time of my best friends wedding as well. I didn't know I was pregnant at the wedding. Even though i had been light headed and fatigued we just assumed it was cause of the wedding cause it was pretty stressful on me, ie trying to find money i never had to pay for dresses shoes etc.

    I knew my period was late and i said to another friend at the wedding that I think I *could* be pregnant. Said if AF hadn't arrived by shopping day (following thurs) I would buy a HPT. I did and waited till the Saturday so I could test with FMU when Andew was home. I tested and waited and waited. Nothing at all no lines nothing and my heart sank. Till i realised 30 sec later i had the damn test upside down #-o Flipped it over and there was 2 pink lines staring back at me. Ran out of toilet shouting I'm pregnant we are going to have a baby and collapsed on the floor in a heap of tears. Had the first u/sound at what i thought was 6wks and turned out i was 10 wks. So would have been 5wks preg at the wedding.

    Second time I was temping, and like Sarah my temps got high and stayed up. I knew around CD 13 or 14 they would plummet if AF was coming but after a couple of BFP's on this very forum I had an urge to test so we went out and got a HPT. Came home tested and positive. Walked out and said to Andrew "OMG were having another baby"

    So not very dramatic at all lmao.

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    colleeg Guest

    well we had been trying for 7 months, we happened to go away to Melbourne on a little holiday- must have been getting busy!!
    anyway i was about a week late and i thought i woud take a test (this was on Farthers day) and we were running late so i wated a few min and nothing really appeard a second faint line but i though it was over processed! threw it out and when i came back home i checked it again from the bin & two really bright lines! did the test again and waited 7 min and there it was! DH was cleaning our fishtanks-(I told him) he goes what !!- i say happy farthers day! and next day went to the docs and a positive blood test confirmed it!

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    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    With PG #1, I did a HPT at 7w, rang DH at work and said Hello Daddy. He was totally over the moon.

    With PG#2, HPT all showed BFN until 13w. Was having bloods done every 2nd day from 10w, finally the GP agreed that I was definitely PG...I knew that, just had to convince them. DH got the BFP blood test on his pillow at home. He was stoked.

    This time. Well, this was a surprise. We had been TTC for 2yrs, ended with 4 m/c's. So decided to go the IVF route. Had all the tests, including an u/s, at which the girl said she knew what side I had o's from. I had to wait a week and a bit before seeing the OB for the results. However, I was feeling a little off, and a friend suggested that I should do a HPT, so I did, got a very faint line, then rang the OB, and he said, that explains the results from your bloods. I was officially PG! I emailed DH at work to tell him the news....he was in shock for 2w. We didnt BD at the right time or anything this month as he was on the abstinence for the sperm sample, so we were in shock for a while.

    In fact, we still find it hard to believe that we are really PG!

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    The first time, AF was a week late, but I had been really sick, so I was in no hurry to test. But ANdrew insisted I do a test & hovered outside the bathroom whilst I did it. As soon as I saw the 2 lines I burst into tears, so he knew straight away. (This was after a looong 2 years TTC)

    The second time, I "knew" at about 10 days, and my temps stayed high, and I did a test on CD 12 and it came up positive. I had to wait for Andrew to come home and all I said was "Guess what?" and he just started grinning and he knew......

    This time round I did a HPT, again as my temps were high, and this time I took the test out to Andrew adn he looked at it and said "I really don't know what I am looking for, but I can guess by the grin on your face that we are having an Olivia Mark 2!"

    None of these are very romantic, but still count as some of the happiest memories ever..........

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    Feb 2004

    This is our first bubs and our story isn't romantic either!

    We had planned on TTC in May/June of this year so we began preparing in Feburary... I started taking my temps to get to know my cycle and eating right and taking folate and all that stuff. I even joined BellyBelly then in prepartion even though we weren't officially trying or had kids.

    The first cycle we tried officially... my temps stayed high and I didn't even dare hope that we were lucky enough to fall pregnant first time around. DH and I were on holidays and I was 2 or 3 days late so we thought I would try a test. Did it first thing in the morning and DH was there in the bathroom with me waiting - and there they were - two pink lines - we just couldn't believe it! We were laughing and crying at the same time - very exciting and very special.

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    Jan 2004

    No romantic story here either!

    I was 20, DH was 22 and we had only been engaged for about 2 months. He wanted nothing to do with planning/saving for a wedding. Said he couldnt afford to save for a wedding then went out and bought a second car! At this point I decided I was going overseas in about 5 months time.

    So the day comes around for DH to go pick up his new car. We are driving the 2 hour trip home and I said "I think I'm pregnant" to which he replied "Well, whose is it then?" followed by "How the hell did that happen" I was totally lost for words! About a month or so later on I started bleeding, went to his house to tell him and he showed no concern at all! decided that i would have to leave town, move in with my parents and find a job before I was showing too much!

    I forced him into coming to my Dr's appointment where I knew we would be hearing the heartbeat. When we left the Dr's he was a totally new person. So it all worked out in the end thank god!

    The funny thing is, I went with him when he had a look at the car he wanted to buy, and fell pregnant around that time as well. The guy who was selling it, had to because his girlfriend was pregnant! My BIL went for a drive in the car with DH and his girlfriend ended up pregnant at the same time, as well as another friend of DH's. All who touched the car in some way. A couple of years later, DH sold the car to a friend with 2 kids and absolutely no more planned - and they ended up having another child. when we told them the story they sold the car to yet someone else who wasnt having kids EVER! and they are having a baby as well!
    :-k Maybe I should track the car down to see if it can help us again this time!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    wow Nic thats incredible!!! What a car!!

    Mine is strange...we thought about having children and decided we'd think about it put it off... then one day I was sitting at home and DH was on the computer, and I thought :-k it had been a while since my last period! In the meantime I had a lump in my breast & had a scare then so we hadn't worried about AF in all that... so while I was at home I took a test in the bathroom thinking I'd just check... then I had a faint line... so I went running into DH & shoved the test with the little pot of wee in his face... he wasn't as amused by the wee, but he couldn't believe the test... went out and bought three more from three different chemists & still didn't believe those positives until I went to the Dr and got a blood test! LMAO!!! Oh dear... but as soon as it was positive we had a big celebration.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hehehe... this isnt a very romantic story either...
    Although I didnt notice them, my symptoms did start when I was around 4 weeks pg. The weekend of Fathers day last year I remember having a huge emotional psycho attack... I just felt completely hormonally crazy!!
    For the next few days at work people kept asking me if I felt ok because I was looking really pale/and or flushed. In my lunch break I was also walking to the library and would lie down for a 1 hour nap cause I just felt so tired!
    So on the Wednesday of that week... for some very strange reason I took time off work to go to the Dr's for a PG test. Something must have possesed me... because I didnt really suspect I was pg! (I had been convinced I was infertile actually, due to many years of not being careful, yet still not getting pg) So anyway, I did the test and the two lines came up.... I think my face must have turned purple!! I then spent the next 10 mins arguing with the Dr that it must be wrong!!!
    I was in so much shock... I remember walking out of the office with the HUGEST driping sweat patches under the arms of my shirt (ewww!)... I just couldnt believe it.
    So I left work straight away and caught a bus to DP's work. I told him he had to leave immediately as I had something to tell him.
    When I told him I laughed and he laughed too.... but it wasn't a happy laugh... more like hysteria...
    In case you couldnt tell this was totaly unplanned for. We had only been together for 7 months, and I was 20 and he was 21....
    Ir definately wasnt one of my happier memories, as DP spent the next 2 months pressuring me to have an abortion.
    Our happier memories came later, at the hospital, when DP was crying with all of the love he had for his beautiful firstborn son.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Our Pregnancy was all planned, I started taking Folate 3 months beforehand then TTC for the first month in early August, DH wasn`t too keen on me testing so after being so nauseous for weeks with sore nipples and tender BB`s I decided to test when I had to have a toilet visit at 3.30am, sure enough a faint second line came up, I was nervous and excited at the same time, Mark was away milking (we own a dairy farm) he wasn`t due back until 4.30, didn`t get back until just before 6am. I said to him "How would you like to be a Daddy again?" I got a 'What', I repeated myself and said we`re pregnant, I then got a 'How" and 'Are you sure?". So even though it was planned, I still got these questions. We`re very much looking forward to meeting 'our little man' at the end of April 2005.

    Take Care


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    Feb 2004
    Adelaide SA

    Dp and i had only been together for a couple of months when i found out that we were expecting Nicholas, My boobs were getting really sore and i had absolutely no energy at all, so i decided to do a test just to rule it out before i went to the dr.
    When the two pink lines came up, i cried for ages in the bathroom because i was petrified.
    Dp was working nights at the time so he was in bed, i went in and woke him up to tell him, he fell right back to sleep again.
    When he got up to get ready for work, he came into the loungeroom and said he had just had a nightmare that i told him i was pregnant, his face went white when i told him it was't a nightmareLOL
    It took a while for it to sink in, but he was thrilled after that.

    This one was actually planned, so when my period was late, i took two home tests and they came up positive, so i went to the dr for him to confirm it and i left all 3 tests on the table for Dp to find when he came home, the smile on his face said it all!

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    Nov 2003

    pregnancy number 1.. af was late, not %100 sure how late as i wasnt keeping track or anything, said to my ex "think im preganant can u buy a test while im at work tomorrow" he said "sure" but he was 99% sure i wasnt pregnant as he apparently, acording to doctors note cant concieve.. hmm.. but sure enough i got home from work so was late afternoon and i couldnt wait as mum was out so ahd to do it then and there.. so i sat in the loo did my thing and within seconds up came two pink lines, i read the thing and that was positive, didnt really know wether i wanted to believe it or not so did the other one too.. sure enough within seconds two lines.. so i unlocked the loo door and showed my ex, he was shocked, angry, confused.. (we'd only been together 3 months!!) i just ended up laughing..

    pregnancy number 2..
    well this one was planned, started taking folic acid soon as i came off the pill,( was on it to regulate my cycle after having the injection) and the month after my first period returned we were off and bd'ing every single day, then i got some opk's from tanya and i thought id use one, negative.. then the next day a positive one! we went out that night though and i got very very drunk.. oopsie..fertility friend hadnt coem up with that id ovulated though.. so kathryn put it all on her chart and it said id o'd later then the kit told me i did, so i then didnt know when to expect af, Anthony was more into it then me, couldnt wait to fidn out.. did a couple of tests both negative.. couldnt really wait so about 3 days later we brought a new test.. i did my thing and we put it on the kitchen counter, both sitting there anxiously seeing for the two lines.. then Anthony saw them before me and started shouting " two lines two lines!!!" it was faint to start with, btu got a little stronger so i started laughing.. Anthony raced to the computer.. where we found kathryn and she was the first to share our exciting news

    so we kinda both found out at the same time i guess i didnt have to tell him im pregnant as he saw the lines before me


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    Sep 2004
    Inner West, Sydney

    Well here is my story....
    DH and i had been TTC for five months (seemed like a lifetime then but now when i look back and compared to some of the others just a blink) and as each month passed with a negative i became more dismayed. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2001 and thought that we were going to have a lot of problems. Anyway i went and saw my GP and she sent me for an ultrasound and sure enought both ovaries were classified polycystic but they weren't sure i had the syndrome as i carried none of the other symptoms - but me being me i was dismayed and thought that nothing would happen in the near future. This u/s occured on 11 oct 04, our first wedding anniversary. Anyway in the following weeks i started to feel quite unwell and DH said i think your pregnant. I would not even consider this and went on thinking i had a bug. Well we took my step son to a pet expo and my mum came and it was when she said and you are sure your not that a little light turned on - i started to add up my syptoms. On the drive home i decided i would get a test. DH was entertaining his son and i went to the bathroom. I used the test and when nothing came up within the second i said to myself i knew it! Well i glanced back to pickup the test to bin it and there was the second line! I became breathless and went to tell mike. He looked like the chesire cat and said i have know for ages. He reckons my boobs changed early on and he had had a gut feeling. One of my books says that the partner often knows before. Anyway the thing that is most suprising is that when we went for that u/s for PCOS i was actually already pregnant as we concenved on the 8 Oct.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Hey All,

    Thought I'd contribute!

    After we moved into our brand new house, we decided to stop using any contraception, and just 'see'.

    I never really had a handle on af (she always took me by surprise - I never new when she was coming), so I tested around about when I thought she was due in the first month after we'd moved into the house. I got a BFN and thought nothing more about it until DH and I were watching CSI miami, and they were doing an autopsy on a pg girl (morbid I know!!!), and I suddenly thought - hey I haven't had a period in over 6 weeks. So I raced into the toilet in the ad break and tested again - BFP!!!

    White as a ghost, I went back into the loungeroom and showed DH. He subsequently turned a pasty shade of white. I remember the moment - and we were both terrified and excited at the same time. I guess we both knew that our lives would never be the same again!

    Now we can't wait!

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    Nov 2004

    I was very very stressed since my fiance had left on the 16th July on a 4 1/2 month deployment around south east Asia (due back 16th Nov) and AF was late. we had only been together since May, engaged since a trip to Melbourne at the end of June and i wasnt sure what he would think. I have a child, Xander, from a previous relationship, who he loves like his own, but i didnt know if he wanted another child just yet. I went to the doctor on Monday 2nd August, knowing my DP would be contactable that arvo. Once i got the result i went and emailed my DP and asked him to call as i desperately needed to speak to him. Within about an hour i got a call, saying that he had to be quick, as he was calling from a satallite phone off Christmas Island, and it was costing him $26 a minute. I told him "We're having a baby." i got silence. I was terrified! A second later... "Im gonna be a dad!" then he was off telling everyone he was gonna be a dad!! Later on he emailed me, and told me this was the happiest day of his life (only surpassed by our Wedding Day on Nov 6, 2004).

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    belmarks Guest

    Hi - here's how I told my DH.

    We had been trying to conceive for over 3 years, and I had it all thought out about how I wanted to tell him if the news was ever good. I got the phone call from the IVF clinic (as I'd been there to have a blood pregnancy test that morning) and the news was good. I had it all planned that I would get my hubby a card with a picture of a baby on it, and on the inside I would write, "to my Dad, I can't wait to meet you" and I put a pair of booties inside also.

    When I got off the phone, I went outside and DH was home early from work, so I dodged him and went to the shops and got the card and booties. I wrote on the card in the car and when I got home, he was in the driveway (after mowing the lawn) and I just walked up to him and gave him the card and he kept saying to me "what's this" and "what is it" and I just kept saying "just open it and you'll find out" so he did, and we just stood there looking at each other crying. He was so happy that he couldn't get his words out properly, he was flabbergasted!!