thread: how do you find out your hcg level?

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    Oct 2004
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    how do you find out your hcg level?

    just wondering as i have read in the past in some of your posts about how much hcg you just wondering how you find out and are you allowed to do this i right in saying that this will indicate if there is a problem or twins or a well forming pregnancy,i would love to have mine checked.

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    you can only have it checked with regular blood tests Nicole.


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    I would just ask your Dr. There is conflicting evidence when it comes to twins though, some pregnancies have more or less HCG than others they don't know why it happens but sometimes it does. So they might be able to find out if you have twins this way however my SIL was told she was more than likely having twins with her first pg'y but it just turned out she just had a high HCG levels. As far as I know also your HCG levels either plateau or lower after a certain time (I think its 16 weeks, someone can verify this for me ) so you can only have your levels checked up to a certain point, but generally you wouldn't need it done after that anyway

    So basically just ask your Dr. They may even be able to tell you if you have already have had a blood test as they often do HCG levels then without you even knowing (some tests only show >x or <x which either states a pos or neg).

    I hope that helps! I am soooooo excited for you Nikki! I hope everything goes well and fingers crossed I won't be too far behind you It would be so great if at our next BB meet you me and anney were waddling along


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    Warning: :soapbox: coming up.

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    Just a word of warning here. I know from experience that you can get very misleading results from regular HCG checks. My results had me and the doctors convinced that I was going to lose my, baby but I didn't.
    My levels were at the lower limit of the expected range and were taking 5 days to double instead of 2. Most docs would agree that that is not a good sign. However, I've since spoken to a specialist who has said that the information most docs were taught is outdated and simply not accurate. Every pg is different and u/s is the only way to really know what is going on.

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    I agree with Layla. My HCG levels were very low at the beginning of pregnancy and the doctor wanted to wait a week to check again in case the reason they were low was because I was going to have a miscarriage. A week later they had gone up, but not as much as she would have expected. The doctor sent me for two more blood tests in the following three weeks and the results were always on the lower end of normal and really worried me unnecessarily, but all is ok now.