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Thread: How early does heightened smell sensing kick in?

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    Default How early does heightened smell sensing kick in?

    Hi all,

    Random question because I need to know if I am being paranoid or not :biggrin:

    How soon after conception have you noticed your increased abilities with regards to smells? The last 2 -3 days I have noticed I really do smell things I never noticed previously etc! I Have only been off the pill 2 months and am only at day 10 in my cycle (24 day cycle) so I'm almost certain its nothing and I am just being silly!

    Still.. would love to hear your experiences!

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    Don't under estimate yourself, I know I'm pregnant as soon as the sperm meets the egg!!! I start to throw up about 2 minutes after conception which I'm told isn't possible but it's happened both times. I'm afraid that I don't get the sensitive smell thing when I'm pg so I can't answer your question. Look after yourself and if you are pg CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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    It started to kick in for me around 6 weeks...i still have it!

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    It was about 5 or 6 weeks for me, about the same time as I started feeling sick.

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