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Thread: How many weeks pregnant?

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    Talking How many weeks pregnant?

    Hi guys,

    I have a question...I feel a bit silly for asking but I was just a little confused...maybe you could help!

    I O'd day 27/28 of cycle (or close to it) which was the 28th or 29th of august....(first day of LMP was 2nd August)..

    Anyway how many weeks preg am I?? (I just added to 2 weeks to the date of conception so therefor bub is 4 weeks old and I am 6 weeks pregnant?? that right??)

    Sorry for the dumb question..


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    Doctors will go by the 1st day of your LMP unless a dating ultrasound tells them otherwise. So that would put you at 7wks 5 days. But cause you o'd so late dating scan will drop that back a bit.


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    clare076 Guest


    I just entered your ovulation/conception date into my calculator on FF and you are pretty right with your dates. By the calculator you are around 6w3d pregnant

    All the best
    Have a happy and healthy 9 months

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    Yep I would do exactly as you said, add two weeks to the conception date because that's generally when the "average" ovulation day is.

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    Thanks girls! much appreciated...
    Made my first GP appointment for tues (then hopefully US sometime this week too to have a look at )..
    Fingers crossed for a nice strong very scared!!

    Thanks again

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    My LMP was also the 2nd August, but I definatley O'd 2 weeks late (I didn't know I could even O!). The latest scan by baby's measurements put me at exactly 6w3days today. Otherwise I would have been 8 weeks already.

    We might have the same due date Mine is the 24/05/07

    Good luck with the scan and let us know how you go!



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    Thanks for your reply Naomi! Will definately let you know how things go...
    Would be a bit easier if we ovulated at 'normal' times wouldn't it!

    Congrats on your little munchkin! Hope all goes really well...

    Lots of Love

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    I thought I was the same, after a few 6-week cycles (so 8w by LMP and 6w by my counting), but it turned out that I O'd at just 2w after my LMP on the scans, so I jumped forward quite a bit! Good luck on finding out when your new EDD is, my midwives and sonographers didn't want to hear that my previous cycle was an 8w cycle and thus I could be 5-9w pg on my US scan! They just went with 9w because that was my LMP date. Good luck getting a "real" date!

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    Thanks Ryn!

    Went and saw the Gp today and had bloods done, will get results this afternoon..YIKES! for great HCG levels.....

    I have my first US booked tomorrow afternoon to check how things are.... for a nice strong ...

    Think of me please and my little munchkin!

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    Got my HCG results...88,017...i think thats good eh?!! I guess the main thing is that they are going up when I have my repeat test in a few days time...
    Guess that means I'm really pregnant! hehehe....I wasn't just imagining...

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    Wow! Bigger than my levels! I was 8w gone with my hCG levels too - of course, that may mean nothing, but I wonder what the ultrasound will show!

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    I had my first US today....and guess what!? .......I have a wriggly little bean growing in my tummy!!! It just wouldn't sit still! Yay!!!
    And it had a great which brought tears to my eyes when I saw it flashing on the screen!
    EDD 23rd by US that makes me 7 weeks pregnant..and one happy girl...


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    Wow Lee, that's great news!

    It sure feels like you've cleared a first hurdle when you see that little heartbeat, how many bpm was it?

    That's such awesome news, congratulations! We have one day difference in our EDDs, mine was dated by US scan also

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    Aww thanks!
    It is definately reassuring to see that little heartbeat! (except my last MC had a good heartbeat early too)
    HR was 140..
    Thats nice our EDD are so close! I look forward to hearing all about your journey too! (its great to have someone who is at the same stage)..

    Lots of Love.

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    Niknrik Guest


    I find it amazing that you are all able to get an US so quickly. My doctor advised me this morning that its not worth him doing one until 11 weeks (now 7).

    Does this seem right????

    My due date is 24/05/07 also!!

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    Aww Lee, I know how scary it would be because of last time, but think positive thoughts! I know that's what has gotten me this far
    140bpm is great!

    Nikrnik, the doctor's don't usually (In my experience) do early scans unless there is a sign of complication or sometimes if one is totally unsure on their dates. This pg I had severe right sided pain so they did a very early scan thinking I had an ectopic (it was an ovary tumor that ruptured). Then one week later I had another scan done because I had been bleeding and at that point was passing blood clots, so the doctor had thought I'd lost the baby. I was basically sent to get an u/s to confirm I had m/c but I saw the bubba alive and well with a heartbeat, although there is a blood clot behind the sac which is what is causing the bleeding.

    I'm not sure if I will be getting another one, I am changing doctors and they need to monitor the ruptured mass on my ovary as well as the size of the blood clot, so I will likely get another one around 8-9 weeks.

    But as far as I know, if you have a healthy pregnancy, no bleeding or pain and good symptoms, they generally dont' worry about an u/s. But it could have changed a lot since i last was pregnant 6 years ago, I'm feelign a little old and out of touch this time round

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    Niknrik Guest


    Wow......what an incredible thing to have to go through. Thank you so much for clarifying for me though...certainly makes me feel alot more comfortable that he doesn't see a need to do one.
    Just the usual symptoms at this stage, especially the boobs...OUCH!!!
    Have my fingers crossed very tight, but its funny how every little twinge and I grab my belly and think oooooo..whats going on!!
    Will relax a little more as it sinks in I am hoping (only been 48 hours)

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    Yeh, I'm pretty sure too that if you don't have any significant history (eg.. previous MC or gynae problems or problems with the pregnancy) then they won't do an US to late in the first trim. But I guess it depends on the obs/ or GP..

    With my first pregnancy they were just going to do the first US at 12 weeks when they do the check for downs..which seems sooo long before you even get to see your bubby for the first time..(but I had some bleeding early so they did an US very early)..
    My friend is just pregnant too, and has never been preg before (so no history of problems) and she booked in with an obst. and they said to come in at 9 weeks when they do there first scans...
    So probably does depend on who you see a bit..

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