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Thread: i hav an important question..please help

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    Default i hav an important question..please help

    I just have a quick question.
    i went to the loo for the 100th time tonight and my CM was pinkish?
    what does this mean?
    I was told on tues im 6 weeks pregnant. i think im just at the paranoid stage from now till the 12 week mark. I cant remember if i had this with DS. what do you think?

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    Sal Guest


    Hi TG, I think you're worrying too much! Yep you are right in the middle of the paranoia stage hehehe. If you see more coloured discharge or any bleeding, then get back to your doc asap for a check up. You'll be fine

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    If you're going to the loo that much it might be that you're wearing away the skin down there with all the wiping - try maybe patting dry and seeing if it goes? I'm only using the loo 7-8 times a day, maybe up to 10 times, so haven't had this, but I'd imagine the more I went then the more I'd be wearing away the skin there.

    I hope it is just paranoia and that you're fine!

    BTW, I get green stuff - at least pink is a more normal colour. Maybe you'll get some green next week and that'll start off a new worry?

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    TG, I had some really light pinkish spotting the night before I was 6 weeks pg, and I've had nothing since, so I figured all was ok, and I've heard it is common around the 6 week mark.

    Of course, if it continues or gets heavier, definitely contact your doc.

    I know what you mean about being paranoid, but that's what your doc is there for - to address any concerns you have! And I'm sure they're used to us "Pre-12 week paranoid pregnant people"!

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    thanks girls.......

    i think its all good. i havnt had any since and it was the smallest amount. i just cant remember as it has been 6 years since i was pregnant with DS. It seems to be all new again. I know about the mild cramping i get a few stitches before bed. and im just really tired, i thought i had a sore lower back from hairdressing but i guess not. my scan is for 9th aug i will be 10 weeks. but i see my GP tues for some BT results so i will drill her then. i definatley feel weird (different i mean i keep thinking AF is coming it feels like it to)

    thanks girls.

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    goldilocks Guest


    Hi Tommygirl,

    I had quite a lot of pink/brown CM after DTD and it scared the hell out of DH and I! :eek:

    If you haven't had any cramping with the spotting, then I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Sooooo many women have bleeding/spotting, especially during early pregnancy, but they still have healthy babies to show for it!


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