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    just found out preg with bub #2 can we still resume usual sex or its best to wait till 2nd trimester? also can i eat ice cream dying for one lol
    ???Also im going for my licence test in a couple of weeks 3rd attempt!!!! and everytime its the test day i get super nervous especially when the test lady comes in the car to start the test, i get soooo nervous and my heart beats so fast i could literally feel it thumping in my chest like its gonna pop out lol! DO you think i should avoid it? i heard somewhere that your heartrate has to stay a certain level is this right? esp in the 1st trimester?

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    I never worried about DTD when pregnant, my understanding is that it is fine unless you have complications. Eat some icecream, just not soft serve. I would never have lasted a pregnancy without ice cream!

    Not sure whether the driving test should be put off. You are supposed to keep your heartrate under 140bpm during exercise. I wouldn't have thought that your heartrate would stay higher than that for very long due to nerves. I could be wrong though... you sound pretty nervous.

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