thread: I hope im not the only one

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    christinem Guest

    I hope im not the only one

    I have sent a couple of posts out previously introducing myself as this is my first pregnancy, but I think im in need of some reassurance that i am normal!!

    Well I am 6 weeks and 3 days today and i have had hardly any symptoms, a couple of days ago i started getting sore nipples and since then they have enlarged quite a bit, but apart from that I get no m/s and a little dizziness from time to time, but nothing else....does that mean something is wrong with me?

    Everyone always talks about m/s as its soooo common. My mum didnt get m/s with two pregnancies so i wonder if it runs in the family. Im always nervous as i dont feel that pregnant (what ever its suppose to feel like). I do get a sore lower back and pee alot and im very hungry. But I want to feel pregnant by experiencing the common symptoms.

    Im so nervous that its not real (although i tested positive through blood tests and heaps of HPTS).

    Can others please tell me if they didnt get many symptoms or if there is still a chance that morning sickness will develop in a couple of weeks time,

    your responses would be much appreciated, im really anxious.


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    Aug 2004

    Christine, I think for a lot of ladies m/s doesnt start until around 8 weeks or so, even though it started straight away with me.

    i believe it has to do with the amount of hormones you are producing, if you are producing a heap, really bad m/s, producing not as much then no or little m/s

    i wouldnt worry too much, talk to your doctor if you are worried, but I think you are completely normal!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Christine,
    I didn't start getting m/s until about week 9 of my PG...

    Try not to stress too much, it sounds like everything is fine

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Hi Christine - Welcome!

    I know what it's like to worry about everything being ok and normal. Just remember that every pg is different!

    All those symptoms you listed seem pretty standard...

    I started getting vague m/s at about 8 wks...and it was in full swing by wk 9. Now I can't keep down my breakfast at all! It's also completely normal for some women not to get ANY m/s at all - heres to hoping you're on of those 'cos it SUCKS! Seriously though - I know what it's like to want the reassuring 'common' symptoms - if only to convince yourself that it's real!

    It's really hard to believe you're pg initially...I went to my dr in tears wanting to see my baby on u/s at 5 wks 5 days (he obliged - nice man!). All I could see was a 2.4mm bean. But it was there! Yours is too!!



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    Ms Lee Guest

    OMG don't wish morning sickness on yourself. From what I've heard it's not pleasant! :msick:

    I had no m/s and had a wonderful pregnancy. You are displaying normal symptoms anyway...sore nipples, needing to pee, being hungry and tiredness will really hit soon too. Being anxious is also another very common feeling.

    You will feel much better when you have your 1st ultrasound.

    Congratulations and Good luck!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Hey Christine,

    As Juliette said, every pregnancy is different, so try not to compare as you will just end up stressing yourself out. It sounds like you do have strong symptoms even if you don't have m/s. Needing to pee a lot, sore and growing nipples, and feeling hungry all the time are all very common pg symptoms, so I hope that reassures you somewhat. Go see your GP if you find that you're getting very stressed about it, but for now I would say that everything sounds completely normal with you. Good luck!

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    Melinda Guest

    Hey Chrstine,

    The symptoms that you describe sound very common and are all very reassuring. Like you, I didn't feel PG at all until I was 7w (didn't even have the symptoms that you mention) when the m/s struck me. Unfortunately, as much as I found m/s very reassuring, it hung around until 23w for me!

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    Pietta Guest

    Hi Christine!
    I never had any m/s in my pregnancy. Like everyone has said all pregs are different and all seems well!!
    It is nerve racking at the beginning isnt it!
    Take Care!

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    Oct 2004

    Hi Christine. I am another lucky one that didn't get any morning sickness. I felt pregnant straight away though because my stomach popped out straight away, i was in maternity clothes at 7.5 weeks! I have chronic fatigue, so i am always tired, so apart from the belly, i had no symptons at all until i felt bub move at 11 weeks. I have plenty of stuff happening now though, so just enjoy it while you can! Even now i have to remind myself i'm pregnant, it just doesn't seem real, then bub kicks my bladder and it brings you back to reality! lol
    Good Luck with it all. Hoping you won't be affected with morning sickness either!
    Take Care

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    Feb 2004

    Christine I was the same - freaking out over lack of symptoms & had myself sooo stressed out for a few weeks. I actually ended up getting m/s between 17 & 19w which is unusal, but before then, nothing. The only thing reassuring me was my excess hunger & my belly starting to grow!

    I know people will tell you that all is ok, but it's so hard to believe it when you have none of the *normal* signs that everyone talks about. Hard as it is, try to relax & think you are one of the lucky ones! Easy said than done, trust me I know

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    christinem Guest


    thankyou so much ladies,

    Im so glad that there are those who know the anxiety (which seems to be hightened during pregnancy) that I feel.

    I really appreciate all of your responses, now I know I am Normal!!

    I love being pregnant and I cant wait for my belly to grow!!

    Woo Hoo bring it on............

    Thanks again

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Hey Christine,
    Do you have M/S now?
    I felt healthier, fitter & better than everd uring my pregnancy, I did not get M/s, I did not show til almost 22+ weeks, until then I was in my size 10 jeans!!! Don't worry from what I hear M/s is nasty!!!!

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    Nov 2004

    Unfortunately I had m/s until 26 weeks, had lost almost 5kg (not that I minded) and felt AWFUL!

    I then went to the naturopath who put me on a wholly organic diet (even meat and homemade bread) which took away m/s within 4 days.

    It was the best advice I'd ever been given!


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    May 2004

    I also didn't have m/s, the only early symptoms I had was tender boobs and wanting to gag if I shoved my toothbrush too far into my mouth. It was much later in pregnancy that I sufferred :-({|=