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Thread: i my little bean doing great just want to be reassured!

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    Default i my little bean doing great just want to be reassured!

    had my scan today it went wonderful! im just 4 days behind in dates, i thought i was 6w4days but bubs measures 5.2mm 6wks exact and heart rate was 114bpm, sonograph person said it was a great scan and bub doing well and he wants to keep dates as what i have. my hcg levels last friday was 9550 and six days earlier they were 760 so their nice and high. something that is worrying thou i was told that those numbers in a scan is not good, dh just thinks its a girl cause my two boys were 7.2 and 8mm at 6 and a half weeks and they were big boys born lol. oh i am so happy i saw bubs and sac was great and seeing bubs heart beat made my day, their was no sign of blood or problems unlike my last m/c their were signs of what was to come. can someone reassure me that everything is ok, i dont see my ob til the 2nd aug and i will have a scan then cause he scans us each visit he did with my last pregnancy. sorry to rant but i know in my heart things are great, and sonograph person didnt say anything bad he was pleased, so why do people say horrid things.
    thanks in advance!

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    Aww hun big hugs It really does sound like everything is just fine, although I know it's hard not to worry, try to relax & enjoy your pregnancy. you said you know in your heart things are great, so hold onto that & ignore what negativity others throw at you

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