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    Im Bleeding

    Ive just started bleeding and i think im 4 weeks pg. Ive got slight cramping and a slight headache. Ive got an appointment with the local GP tomorrow but im not if i should do another test because ive been told it will show up negative if im miscarrieing.
    Anyone out there had same experience and what was the outcome.
    I know you can bleed through some pregnancy's but im a bit concerned i have to say.


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    When was your last AF due? How many AF have you missed? Some women do bleed early on, around the time of when their AF should have appeared.

    Do another test....pregnancy hormones hang around even if you are beginning to have an MC.

    Your GP should be able to shed a bit more light on the situation.

    Fingers crossed for you........

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    Jun 2003

    Goodluck Kerrie! Sending lots of Sticky vibes!!!!!


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    Kerrie, how scary for you! Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for your GP appt tomorrow!

    Let us know how things go.

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    Fire Fly Guest

    I was due last saturday. I went off the pill in January so that period came straight away cause i went off the pill. But the next period was a week late and it was very irregular, light and only lasted for 3 days. The next period would have been due last saturday so if things were normal i suppose i would be due now, iykwim. Havent really got a pattern to follow so not really sure whats the norm.
    I did a test a little while ago and there is still a faint line there but its a lot lighter than the first one.
    I am still bleeding, and it just feels like a normal period. No clots as yet.

    How long does it take for your body to get rid of the baby it i am miscarrying????.
    Hope i am just having a period. Let you know. Thanks for the support. I am totally freaked out but have to stay calm for DD and DH.


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    Hi Kerrie,

    Sorry to hear that you have bleeding.
    When i had my second m/c it was an early one as well and i bleed as if it was AF so it only lasted a week. Started light then got heavy for a few days.

    When you see the doctor tomorrow he should do a blood test and that will give you some more information as he should do another one a couple of days later. Then you will have a better idea on what is going on.

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    Is it possible to have a period while early pg??. Im using tampons at the moment to but i should probably change to pads hey. Im hoping obviously that i am still pg and will wait for doctor to give me bad news.
    Wonder why its happened if that is the case.


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    You can have your period in early pregnancy with my first i had spotting every month so i did not even know i was pregnant until about 13 weeks.

    I would use a pad and not a tampon.
    I'm keeping every thing crossed for you.

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    Melinda Guest

    Definitely use pads at this stage Kerrie, until you find out exactly what is going on.

    A HPT can still show a positive result even if you are having a m/c, and the reason is as Lucy said....that the PG hormone (HCG) remains in your system for a while and gradually declines until it returns to zero.

    Yes, some people have had periods or some light bleeding around the time that AF would be due when they are PG and it is because the level of HCG has not risen enough yet to prevent some of the lining of the uterus shedding.

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    good luck. Fingerscrossed that everything will be ok.

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    I hope everything's ok for you, Kerrie. I bled at 4 weeks during my first pregnancy and they explained that I had been doing too much heavy lifting (laundry baskets, etc) and the placenta had started to tear away from the wall a little. I took it easy for the next month and kept the baby, I hope this is the result you get as well.

    Best wishes,

    Kerrie (also)

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Fingers crossed & best wishes!!!

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    Fire Fly Guest

    Thanks guys. Today im still bleeding and its not a light one. But thats normal for me when off the pill so still not sure. Ive changed to pads just in case. I have FionaJill txting me all the time asking how things are. Lol she is such a mother some times.
    Im so greatfull that there is place i can go without opening my mouth to ask questions. Its such a comfort place this web site. I got on when i was with the family yesterday cause they have already assumed the worst. Not there fault really, guess there trying to prepare me for the worst. But what if everything is alright. It just puts you down a bit further than you need to be, thats why i got on, to get away from them. It helps.

    My appointments in a couple of hours so ill let you all know for sure.

    Oh, shouldnt i be clotting if i am m/c???


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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I lost my baby in Dec last year & was about 5-6 wks & just had very red heavy bleeding, just like a period & I went to hospital immediately they did internal scans etc & there was a small h/b, but on the 3rd day when I wiped a small piece was on the toilet paper almost like a sibgle boiled piece of rice (sorry that's exactly what it looked like), I yook it to my OB, whom could not really amke a call, so I had another scan a couple weeks later (as this was the week b4 Christmas & New Years so they were all busy or shut) early Jan I had a scan & all had gone!!! Although I was unaware that i was already abouyt 3 weeks preg again! amazingly after trying for over a year!

    Well fingers crossed & good luck!

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    Aug 2004

    i was just going to ask that, if it was red or brown. generally brown blood is old blood, and is normally ok, it is the red blood that should be checked out immediately.

    i hope everything is OK. I would say though that if it happens again, i would go to the hospital straight away, or at least ring the hospital and they will advise you if they thing you should go in, you really cant be too careful.

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    I just being a friend I am hoping I hear from you soon. Its been an hour from your app time and I still haven't heard from you.

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    Hope everything turns out ok xx

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    I hope you don't mind Kerrie I just thought I would give a little up date.

    Doctor has taken bloods of which she will get results for in the morning and hopefully a clearer (is that a word?) picture into what is happening. The last TxT I got from her the bleeding had slowed down a fair bit so my body is tide in knotts from all the things I have crossed that all will be ok.

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