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Thread: Im Bleeding

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    I rang the doctor and he basically said if the numbers are lower than 5 then ive lost the baby. Well my number was 5. Typical. He said though that its looked like ive lost it. Still have to get another blood done on wednesday but ive resigned to the fact that we have to keep trying now.
    My bleeding has just about stopped so the baby has gone already.
    Min, i rang maternity on sunday when i started bleeding and i was told those tests arent accurate and that i probably wasnt pregnant at all but if i was concerned to come in and do bloods but it was up to me. Not much help im afraid. I doubt she was even a midwife.
    I asked the doctor yesterday if those tests were accurate and he replied "**** yeah it its postive then your pregnant'. My doctor is cool. His very upfront and doesnt beat around the bush.

    Thankyou for all your support, its been a help to come online.

    We will keep trying. We are leaving for 7 days holiday as of 2morrow ( my dd birthday) so im going to sit back and relax and im very grateful that i already have a gorgeous child to hold and love otherwise this would have been so much harder.


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    Kerrie, all the best have a nice relaxing holiday with your DD & DH, just sit back realax & take some time to yourself...

    Sounds much like my experience, as my bleeding started on Monday, I passed a piece on Wed afternoon & by Thurs morning I had totally stopped bleeding!!!

    Best wishes & a hug to you & yours!

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    So sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts are with you.

    Hope you have a great break away with your DD & DH.
    Happy birthday to your DD.

    Take care Leah

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    Kerrie, I'm so sorry to hear that Hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday.

    Take care.

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    Kerrie sorry to hear of your sad news.

    Have a nice holiday and rest lots.

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    Dear Kerrie,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss... my thoughts are with you.

    Please take it easy, and I hope you are able to relax and have a nice holiday...

    Take care,

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