thread: Inconclusive blood test?

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    froofy Guest

    Inconclusive blood test?

    As some know, I've had two faint positives on fortel ultra over the past two days. Yesterday I was on CD26, today I'm on 27. Yesterday would've been 10DPO. Yet, at the doctors I had a blood test, and it came back inconclusive. Today's line is darker than yesterdays though.

    Has anyone had this happen to them, and what was the outcome? Thanks

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    Did the Dr tell you what your HCG levels are ?

    My Dr said your HCG levels have to be over 25 for them to say you are pregnant.

    Maybe it's just too soon to tell at the moment.
    Do you have to go back for more BT ?

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    I agree that 'inconclusive' sounds like it may be too soon to be a yes, coz it sure doesn't sound like it's a no.

    I reckon another BT in a week or so should determine the outcome one way or another, though I know the wait will be excrutiating! At 13dpo, my HCG was only 73, so at 10 dpo, I reckon it would have been under 25 as well, as it was tripling every 48 hours at that stage.

    Good luck!


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    froofy Guest

    No, I'm not going to go back for another blood test, I think I'll just keep testing in the meantime on hpt's. But for now, we're taking it that I am

    Thanks for sharing! Doc didn't tell me what the levels were, I wish I'd thought to ask

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    yep, i agree it is probably just due to it being too early. especially if the line has gotten darker, that sounds very positive to me.

    Good luck

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    My doc didn't bother doing a blood test at all - he gave me another htp to do there and said "a line's a line" and that was good enough for him... So, I reckong you definately are preg and your next blood test will show it! =D>

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    froofy Guest

    Thanks, guys

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    sparkles Guest

    Hi Froofy,

    I know exactly how you feel because I'm going through the same thing at the moment!

    I tested with Fortel on Monday when I think I was around 9-12DPO (long cycles so I'm not quite sure), and I got a faint line. I did a few more tests on Tuesday with Fortel and Clear Blue and got darker lines, then I tested on Wednesday with Fortel and the line wasn't any darker, and with another cheapie brand I could barely see it.

    I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that a line is a line and there was no need to do a blood test. She scheduled me for an ultra sound in two weeks.

    But I was worried because I'd felt sick earlier in the week and now I don't feel as sick, and because the line isn't getting much darker I wonder whether it was just a chemical pregnancy.

    Anyway, DH has made me promise not to take any more pg tests until Sunday as it's stressing me out. Even though this wasn't planned, he's so excited, but I'm trying not to be in case it doesn't work out.

    How dark was your line? Could you see it when you held it out at arm's length. Also, did you find it went heaps darker if you left it for a few hours. Mine was almost as dark as the control line after a few hours.

    Also do you have any symptoms. I felt quite sick earlier in the week and now I'm burping like crazy but don't feel as sick. Then I wonder if I just feel sick 'cause I'm stressing!

    Good luck. I hope you get some conclusive answers soon. I don't like the thought of waiting another two weeks for the ultra sound to find out for sure.