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Thread: Inconclusive blood test in early pregnancy????

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    Default Inconclusive blood test in early pregnancy????

    Anyone had one of these? I got one today even though several HPTs are saying Im pregnant so I dont know what to think, am I pregnant or not.
    Wondering if anyone can shed some light or give advice.

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    Inconclusive can just mean that the levels are low, and they often like to have a follow up BT to confirm the levels are rising. Try not to worry as this is happening more and more to women because we are finding out sooner (due to our increasing knowledge in TTC and charting etc) and the levels are lower so some dr's prefer to stay on the side of caution. Have you been booked in for another BT?

    Goodluck! I hope you get a definite BFP soon!


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    Hi Anna
    Try not to worry too probably means that you had a late implantation or something. My first blood test was ver low, even though 3 or 4 HPT's were positive. It just meant I had to go back the following week for a repeat test and then again the following week.
    I'm sure everything will be OK

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    Cailin and Hayley - have hit it spot on.

    What was your BHCG and P4 levels, at what dpo?
    When is your next bt?

    I'm so sorry - this type of result can be so frustrating and worrying. Unfortunately, all you can do is to hang in there and have repeat bts. All the very best.

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