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    The doctor has advised me that I have urinary infection (which is quite common apparently) and has given me a prescription for antibiotics. As I am only 7 weeks pregnant I am concerned about taking them even though she has said it will be fine.

    Has anyonelse had this during their pregnancy and what are you thoughts?

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    Are they a group A antibiotic? If so then it would be ok to take. I had a couple UTI in my pregnnacies and was fine taking antibiotics, just as long as they were group A. If you don't know, then ask your chemist.

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    If you tell me the name of the AB's I will tell you a little about them

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    I also had a UTI while pregnant and took antibiotics...I was a bit worried about them too but both the doctor and pharmacist said they were okay...

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    I have had a few UTI's while pregnant and have taken about 4 or 5 different types of antibiotics both class A and class B..... It is better to take the antibiotics to get rid of the infection than to not take them and let the infection progress..... UTI's left untreated can lead to kidney infection which (believe me) is not pleasant and can result in hospitalisation!!

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    hi, I've just finished a course of antibs for this, they cleared it up within a day, thankgoodness because I was in so much pain, I really feel for you, I know how bad it is. I lost a night's sleep as well, just horrible. I'm glad it's cleared up.
    I took Amoxil

    I hope you feel better really quick.

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