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Thread: itchy nipple driving me insane!!!!

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    Default itchy nipple driving me insane!!!!

    I have developed an itch on my right nipple, can't see any thing other than a little dry skin around the aerole(Sp?) it is really itchy and takes a lot of will power not to scratch at it, I don't use soap on it when I wash and make sure I dry it properly any ideas on what it could be or suggestions for itch relief would be greatly appreciated.

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    i don't have any idea what it could be Allie. But I always swear by Tea Tree oil antiseptic cream for anything itchy. I imagine you should get it checked out if it doesn't go away.

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    yeah i got no idea what it could be either. Do u were lacey bra's? this might be causing some irritation. It sounds like a skin irritation of some sort. Try massaging some baby oil or vitamin e cream into the area and leave it uncovered to dry. It might help if u get the area less dry. If it doesnt seem to get better, go see ur gp. sorry i couldnt help any further.

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    Itchy nipples are very common in pregnancy. As you are already not using soap you are one step closer to getting better. You can try putting a little lansinol on your nipples to stop them from getting dry. I suffered somethig shocking in my pregnancies. Itching till I bled. Bad I know.

    Goodluck and I hope you find some relief soon.

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    I got yeast infections on my nipples occasionally during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which were VERY itchy and kind of burning. You can ask your doctor what he/she thinks. Anti-fungal cream will fix that. If it's an ongoing problem, eat more yogurt, and/or take acidophilus tablets or drops.

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    I have had itchy nipples also - off and on. Sometimes I have noticed they are a bit crusty othertimes they are a little red but otherwise they look quite normal.

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