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Thread: jelly type strands of discharge???????

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    Unhappy jelly type strands of discharge???????

    I need some advice, as this is kinda freaking me out a bit.
    I have had super light spotting on and off for a few weeks now, so it has not been only happening when AF would have been due, That is not the concern, as it is only a tiny amount of pnkish/brown, and stops with rest.
    What is alarming, is i keep having small amounts of almost strand like peices of jelly looking mucous, that ranges from clear, to a yellowy/brown colour when i wipe (TMI sorry)
    Could this be me gradually losing the plug?, or is it normal to have this happen? eg, excess just comming away?
    It is only very small strands, but still worrying

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    I had this around 7w I think... I was still looking out for EWCM then so don't really recall it all that much... but not only did I have the normal blobby white mucus, I had similar (but smaller pieces) in green. Because it wasn't all the time I didn't worry too much (aside from the colour!) and it lasted about 3w. I did get some green this weekend too though - and my baby is absolutely fine. I keep forgetting to ask about it though!

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    Hope u get it sorted too. Fingers crossed that it's left over yuck and that it's nothing to worry about. Just check with ur GP to have peace of mind

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    It could be nothing at all but I would get it checked out anyway, atleast then you will have piece of mind.

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    I get excessive cm during pregnancy, and it ranges in colour from green to clear. I find after I do a #2 its really heavy, and it comes away in big strings. Sorry if TMI.
    You will know your plug when you lose it - specially in the last week of pregnancy! Its not stringy, it looks like a massive hoick or oyster, its completely revolting!
    I presume you have talked to your Dr/OB regarding the pinkish discharge? As long as it stays clear/yellow, and doesn't smell, I'd just mention it at your next appt.

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