thread: Light Bleeding in Early Pregnancy! Pleaes help

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    Light Bleeding in Early Pregnancy! Pleaes help

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm six and a half weeks pregnant and have been experiencing really light brownish bleeding for the past few days. Hubby and I had intercourse on the weekend so I'm hoping that it is possibly from that but I am really worried. Yesterday I also had strong pains on my stomach but I think it only turned out to be flatulence. I'm really worried and hoping that it isn't a m/c. Going to see the doctor today.

    Am I just being overly worried or do you think something is wrong?

    Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

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    Bleeding at about six weeks isn't that unusual.

    One of the changes of pregnancy is that your cervix can become more "friable" (tender and prone to bleeding) and so intercourse or internal exams or even not much at all can set off minor bleeding. I have had early pregnancy bleeding with the last four of my successful pregnancies, and it has been due largely to a cranky cervix. (I have found that untreated thrush can make this worse, and thrush is also more common in pregnancy.) You can also get breakthrough bleeding in early pregnancy when the hormones aren't high enough. Another cause of bleeding is something called a subchorionic haematoma, where there is a little bleed behind where the baby has implanted, and many times these resolve on their own.

    Many women bleed during pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies, but of course there are no guarantees.

    If you go and have an u/s to make sure everything is alright, ask them to do an internal one, ask them if the internal os is closed, and don't be surprised if they don't see much - if your dates are out by even a couple of days, you may not see a heartbeat, and you may not even see a foetal pole! That can be very worrying but many times a week later there's a happy little blip picked upon the screen with a comforting flickering heart beat, and the statistics at that point are very favourable

    All the best!

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    Hi Lizzy,

    Not that there is a guarantee to my story but I had bleeding from week 6 - 16 and they struggled to find what it was. Turned out I had a hemorrhages on the left outer side of my uterus (It apparently had something to do with my Placenta). My DS was growing every week and the more he grew the more I would bleed until it finally stopped (no idea how).

    I had so many things happen in my pregnancy and while our DS was early he was still healthy.

    Like Toomanytoomany said have an internal. The external didn't pick much up but the internal did.

    Take care and good luck


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    I too had some brownish bleeding between weeks 6 and 7... i worried about it at first but had no other pain or concerns. I did some reading though and found that it is very common and provided it is not red blood it is not (generally) too concerning.

    I am now 9 weeks and although i have not yet had a scan i have developed every other symptom in the past week or 2 so I am fairly comfortable that things are ok.

    My husband kept telling me not to panic too much or i would turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy.... try to relax because I think we are in for some strange things to happen to our bodies over the coming months!!!!