thread: Listeria & Pregnancy

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004
    Scarborough, QLD

    Does Christmas Ham come into the deli meats section?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    it depends on how it was bought, if it was bought shrinkwrapped then you are ok, because their used by dates are normally three of four weeks after purchase, but just make sure you eat within a couple of days of opening.

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    Jun 2003

    I was told this was still a big no no. I would love to hear more info on this if anyone has it.


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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Oh no, don't tell me that Cai, I love my Christmas ham!

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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi there

    I did post this in the first tri forum - but it is probably more appriopriate here!

    What about meats that are on pizza? If they are cooked is it OK? Or is all of that food (ham, salami if cooked out too...) Also - what about Fetta? I love fetta - but have cut it out as I am not sure....

    Any thoughts?


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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    I'm a Chrissy ham fan too...

    From what I understand, freshly cut ham off the bone is ok as long as it's eaten straight away.

    Another problem with some processed ham is the preservatives and nitrites etc. used in the curing process are not good for baby.

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    belmarks Guest

    oh no! please dont take chrissy ham away, thats the best part!!