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Thread: Low betas and doubling time of 63hrs

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    Default Low betas and doubling time of 63hrs

    Has anyone got anything positve to say about these betas...
    15dpo = 57
    17dpo =95
    a doubling time of 63.78 hrs (betabase where they work it out on the hours they were taken as well as the days)

    my previous history with betas is:
    Ethan (m/c at 7 wks)
    13dpo - 150
    17dpo - 968
    heartbeat @ 6 wks

    Joey (m/c at 11w 4d)
    13dpo 123
    15dpo 271.
    heartbeat @ 7w2d

    15dpo 390
    heartbeat 8w3d

    October 2005
    Oct 24th 141
    Oct 26 205
    Oct 28 178
    Nov 1 m/c started
    Nov 2 15

    Both the GPs who have seen me so far as still hoeful and not at al worreid but I am. I do have m/s already, sore bbs, faint headed. crampy (which I was with the last 4 pgs)
    so I have little enough hope of my own history...

    thanks for any hope

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    sending you a big hug and try not to worry.

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    Jude - Praying that you have a sticky one hun. I know only to well about the stress your facing. Lots of hugs.

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    Jude, I had a look at beta base in the age group from 42-45, the fastest doubling time in that beta range was 21.16 medium was 39.58 and slowest was 140.75 that was 90 women reporting and they all are supposedly pregnancies that showed a HB. I think keep hopefull and try hard not to worry especially when you still have strong symptoms. If it goes backwards, worry then. Hugs and best wishes, I hope it works out well.

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