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Thread: Lunchtime Suggestions

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    It's a very interesting subject. We all seem to get told different things. I've seen 5 different doctors during my pregnancy and the list I now have between all of them is: no deli meat (I do eat ham on pizza if it's really hot, but nothing else), no cold chicken unless it's been cooked at home and eaten within 24 hours, no prepared salads (you don't know if they've been washed), no creamy salad dressings, no sauces that may contain raw egg, no soft cheeses, no soft eggs, no soft serve so that also means no thickshakes or milk shakes unless I know they use real ice cream. I think that's about it.

    I stick to it pretty religiously because even though the risk is quite low, the risk is not worth taking as far as I'm concerned. A few months without certain foods is not going to kill me, but listeria could kill my baby or cause a premature birth. The thing that came as a shock to me is that it can hit you up to 70 days after contamination. I got that info from the brochure the midwife gave me. I always thought it would be a bit like getting food poisoning, you'd know soon afterwards, but apparently not.

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    wow satya i didnt realise it could take that long to hit ... i am like you, friends and family think i am being over cautious but this is bub #1 for us and i dont want to take any chances .... so i have not touched anything on the not to eat list for fear that murphy;s law will hit me should i eat it ....

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    The first day of the working week, at lunch time I used to go to the supermarket and get stocked up on bread and sandwich ingredients for the week, such as tomatoe, tuna, cucumber, carrot etc. If I felt like buying & needed a change, I'd get a fruit salad & drizzle it with my own purchased tub yoghurts. Some salad bars also have pasta salads with beans, rice, vegies (i.e. with no lettuce if you're concerned about that).

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    I've found that the weight watchers meals and the lean cuisine meals in the frozen section at the supermarket have been very good.. especially for those nights when im too exhausted to cook so i just have one of them while dp makes himself something that i seriously couldnt even think about eating LOL and the weight watchers/lean cuisine meals are really yummy to. quick and easy when your pregnant thats my motto

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