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    Feb 2004

    Maternity Bras

    Okay Ladies.. I need your advice.

    I am having trouble getting a decent maternity bra. I've tried the Target/Hesita/Slimform etc ones that you can get a department stores and I am not happy with them. They aren't supportive (i miss underwire!) I hate any bras that you can see your nipple through them, while wearing a nice white top!

    Since I am ..ahem..on the larger side in that area... DD is all I am saying! I am finding it hard to get one that is supportive.

    So come on pregnant ladies and mums share your tips with me please!

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    I am on the larger side too, and was especially large when my milk came in & I wanted to feel "secure" I know how you feel.

    We are a retail desert up here in Darwin so Target was my only option, and although they weren't underwired, I think the Hestia brand that they stock was great! Plain white, easy maternity hooks and nice and firm feeling.

    Bear in mind, that when you are BF, your nipples may not get very erect ever (mine never did). Also for the first few months you may need breast pads, so your nipples are not evident anyway.........

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    May 2004

    Nelbe are you getting one so you can breast feed once the baby is born ?

    I brought an normal underwire one a few weeks ago as it was the only nice one i could find in my size. Like you i am DD at the moment and i am sure i will get bigger.

    I did see a nice one in K-Mart that was marternity but they did not have my size. Not sure how else you could try.

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    Oct 2003
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    I happen to have the triumph factory near my house & after buying target brand bras (which were fine) I went there and bought a few which are fantastic... they had much larger sizes too in heaps of variety so maybe try triumph? They sell in Myer but they do have a website as well.

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    Aug 2004

    Hey Nell,
    I started leaking a couple of weeks ago and after hearing all the scary stories about mastitis, thought I should buy a maternity bra. I'm in a 16DD at the mo and tried on everything they had in my size.
    There are some fayreform ones which are pretty good (but they were the wrong shape for me) which you can get in 3 packs for $100. They are evidently very supportive.
    I also tried on all the berlei ones, but they were funny shaped on me. Amazingly the Elle Macpherson bra (which I have never ever found comfy as a 14D) were perfect and I have two of them. I am very happy with my "shape" now, the purple one looks lovely under white things, and the straps are really nice. They aren't cheap, but i figure I'll buy these couple of expensive ones, and then go to town on the cheaper ones I'm happy to wear around home/in bed. Target looked like they had some pretty good ones, its just a matter of waiting until they have 20% off again!
    Warning - the Elle mcPherson ones are pretty expensive ($55), but like I say, I'm really, really happy with them! Just get fitted properly though - its totally worth the extra money you pay at somewhere like BnT (well not extra money, just never discount, flybuys or anything else!)
    Good luck

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    May 2004

    I got my bras fitted when I was pg with Em. I had no choice but to go to the bra shop, I went up to a 12F. I found that the maternity bras I got were very supportive even without underwire. Si I had to pay over $50 for them, but I think it's worth it for the comfort and support.


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    Aug 2004

    I have moved up to a double D as well, and I am in love with my target maternity bra. I think it depends on the style, a lot of theirs i didnt like, but this one is great! no underwire of course, but so supportive, i never want to go back to non mternity bras again. my sister said that Big w have a great range, and really cheap too.

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    Sep 2004
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    Yep - the slimform t-shirt bra is great....check out Big W. It solves the nipple problem, and feels almost like an underwire bra...

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    Mar 2004

    I am way up to a 12F now. Weird size. I had a look at the slimform bras but they didn't come in my size so I had to go to Myer and get triumph bras. I find them really comfortable and supportive. They are expensive though, around $55. The lady who fitted me kept on saying, once your milk comes in you won't be comfortable anyway so whatever bra you buy will be awful then. LOL

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    When I was preg I had to get fitted & bra's ordered in from Myer, as I went from a 12C to a 12GG!!!!
    Which they literally do not stock, they were ordered in & about $70 ea, but wel & truly worth it, as I still had 6 weeks to go of my preg & then my milk coming in & I was a bad milker & only fed for 6 days, too much bleeding & pain...
    I probably only wore the 2 bra's I bought for like 9 weeks in total but still was worth the money!!!!!

    Even though I was about 5+ weeks with my recent preg, I had gone up from a 12C to a DD cup & they were still souffleing over the top of the bra!!!! My jugs just get massive...
    I am a size 10-12 in clothes (at the moment a decent 12) & my breasts just looked ridiculous last week, as they were hard canteloupe's!!!!

    Go the good bra!!!!!!