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    Question Mood Changes

    Hi all,

    does anyone here go through mood changes, my DP says that i go through mood changes every couple of days, just want to know if anyone else does aswell or if they know of anyone else.

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    Oh yes, only it was every couple of minutes with me! It was like PMS for weeks and weeks, but it did calm down at about 8-9w. Half of my posts from mid-June here end up with apologies for being all hormonal, I think many people had a good laugh when I found out I was preggers.

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    Yes I feel very sorry for DP he gets the brunt of it and can't cope I really put him through his paces lol hes now officially scared of pregnant women lol

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    try mood changes every five minutes! but my poor DH who cops it all, would probably be shot, skinned alive or trying to stop me from sobbing and raving how he is undermining my feelings if he dared to point it out - lol. (luckily i think he knows that)

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    apparently, i had crazy mood swings.. everyone was apparently getting real annoyed with me cause one minute i'd be as sweet as pie the next minute i'd be yelling for a hair being out of place...

    i don't recall being like that, i think my family is making it all up!! hehe

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