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Thread: Moody as Heck!!!!

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    tiamiami Guest

    Default Moody as Heck!!!!

    Hi LAdies... I do not know what is going on. I am moody as hell today and for no reason. .. Friday will be my 12 week so that is second trimester rite???? Let me know who else is very moody for no reason :-{

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    Hi Tiamiami,
    I think 2nd tri starts at the beginning of week 13,
    As for being moody,,,,I have not been getting mad, or grumpy, but have been getting very teary at sad stuff on the news etc, and when my 3 boys get a bit rowdy etc, I want to curl up into a ball and go to sleep and leave them to my poor DH to deal with, (i havent actually done it yet, just feel like escaping)
    Hope this has helped

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    tiamiami Guest


    I don't know if you seen my other post but I now have only twins. Baby C heart Beat stopped at 8 wks and 6 days via U/S then 5 days after that another U/S and a confirmation that Baby C had no HB. So now I have Twins. They are good and Emma as you know everything happens for a reason........ I am ok with it. How are you doing?? Aren't you on the final countdown??? Keep in touch.

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    annef6722 Guest


    hi tia

    congratulations on the twins - how lovely!

    re moodiness - i am now 11weeks. i've been feeling unusually calm and content up until now. but last night/today am very angry at DH, for not much reason - not sure if its hormone related or not.

    hope you're feeling well otherwise,

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    im 9 weeks and everyone is copping it around here.i cant get into pregnancy thread can anyone help me its come up miss chatting to the girls due in feb....

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    annef6722 Guest


    hi tommygirl
    i've found that if i'm not logged in when i'm searching the threads, it won't let me into the bellybuddies section. so trying logging in first, if you haven't already done that?

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