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Thread: Morning sickness!!

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    butterfly Guest

    Default Morning sickness!!

    What do you all do for your morning sickness? I have all day sickness, I can hardly move around, every smell makes me soo sick. I just want to lay in bed or on the couch all day. I have tried crackers, they make me sick, I cant even drink water. Hopefully it goes away in a few weeks.

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    I use blackmore's ginger tablets, but it sounds like your's is way worse than mine. If you can't even drink water you should probably see a doctor so they can prescribe something that's safe to take during pregnancy. You don't want to get dehydrated.

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Kylie,

    I know how you feel, it is just horrible.

    I basically just nibbled on anything I felt like and kept away from smelly things and smelly people (like perfumes!!). Get your partner to make you breakfast in the morning and make sure you get as much fresh air as possible. That really helps with the sickness I find.

    U need to keep your fluids up so I agree with butterfly that you should see a doctor if you cant keep water down.

    There is hope in the end even if you dont think so yet babe. Hang in there.

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    ~bec~ Guest


    butterfly you poor thing! You sound just like me when i was pg with my son... I had add day sickness up until i was 23 weeks. At first i took vitamin B6... that worked for a few weeks. Then i used sea sickness bands (you can get them from your chemist) These were great! But again were only effective for a few weeks. In the end my doc put me on Maxalon. My lifesavers! You need a script for them... but they are safe to take while pg and they worked a treat! So if nothing else works... go see you doc and see if they will give youa script or have any other ideas!

    Good luck!

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    Fraser Guest


    I'm right there with your butterfly - I feel sick just thinking about how sick I feel....

    One of my work collegues bought in a ginger root for me today - I chopped of two big chunks, chucked them in a bottle and poured cold water on it - I'm sipping the water slowly and seriously it has made a difference - I'm not 100% but I do feel better

    The sea bands didn't work for me and I'm not good with pills - it's hard enough taking the folate - but I have found that even though you don't think you can eat anything if you have a little bit you may well be able to keep it down because your body needs it.

    Deep breathing is the only thing that's getting me through at this stage and now, thankfully, the ginger root as well!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Ginger beer is wonderful for moring sickness I found, if you don't want the fizziness just water it down a little.

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    Ginger tea is also very good

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    ASKJune02 Guest


    I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether peppermint tea is safe to drink in pregnancy?

    I'm 7 weeks and have had really bad all-day sickness for the last 3 weeks, and have found that Minties seem to settle my stomach. But when the Minties touch my tongue, I start gagging.

    Ginger's no good, has always made me feel sick, even at the best of times.

    Thanks for any help


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Here is a quote from a medical site that I found whilst researching thos for you;

    Pregnant or nursing mothers should drink peppermint tea only in moderation and those with a history of miscarriage should not use peppermint at all while pregnant.
    This site is a few years old so there may have been further research.

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    Ooh, that's interesting about peppermint tea - I will definitely stay away from that then. Thanks for sharing that info

    I'm right with all of you that are suffering with morning sickness. I've been soooo lethargic and hanging on the lounge when my 16 month old lets me...

    I was right up until I was about 5.5 weeks, but then I got this really servere stomach bug (threw up constantly for a whole day) and ever since then I have felt nauseas pretty much all day. I read somewhere that dehydration makes morning sickness worse, so even though it's nearly killing me to drink water (gag, gag) I'm trying to sip on it throughout the day. I must admit since doing that I'm noticing a difference.

    Thankfully I haven't been throwing up lately, but I've completely lost my appetite and drinking water is a real effort. When I went to my Dr after the stomach bug, she just kept saying to me to make sure I keep up my fluid as it's very important. I'm worried now that I didn't rehydrate myself properly.... hope little bubby is ok?!?!?!

    As a few girls have said earlier, go to the Dr if your morning sickness is really bad, he/she might be able to prescribe something for you.

    Take care

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Have you tried flat lemonade? I know whenever I vomitted from a stomach when I was younger my mum would give me flat lemonade and some plain dry biscuits. The two of those helped a lot. I'm not sure if it would work with morning sickness, but anything is worth a try right?

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    kiki Guest


    I hear you, I hear you!! I was violently sick for 20 weeks with my first baby and I am now 4 weeks pregnant and it is starting again. My mum told me to drink tonic water last time and it really did help. You can get it from the supermarket or bottle shop. Just keep in mind that it does pass eventually and it is worth it in the end!!!

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    MAXALON - total lifesaver.

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    Vicky Guest


    My sympathies with everyone suffering from morning sickness. Im just under 8 weeks pregnant and had been lucky until this weekend just gone. Up till then I had just felt yuk and got by just nibbling like a mouse all day and drinking heaps of water. Then over the weekend, I found my self just crawling outta bed and heading for the lounge. I find the heat sets it off sometimes so our air conditioners have been running flat out for two days. But I keep telling myself...I'm having a baby. \/ ..yeah! Ginger Beer (sipping it) helps too.

    BY the end of the year we will all be announcing the arrivals of our littlew ones and asking for advice on how to settle restless babies, talking about breast feeding and bottle feeding and what brand of nappies are best! I can't wait...mmm

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