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Thread: my awful day - any help appreciated

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    Default my awful day - any help appreciated

    im 5 weeks 4 days preg...yesterday had some spotting in the morning..wasnt worried as know pretty normal. but thought id go to dr anyway and get blood test...anyway, while there he said lets do urine hpt and i did it and it came back negative!
    this was the same kind of test he used last week which had came back anyway im assuming that this indicates falling hcg levels which indicates im having a m/c - go home bawling my eyes out...dr still suggests i have blood test to make sure but not sure what the point is really, but i do it.
    anyway, get home and look at the hpt again and its faintly positive...obviously still doesnt mean anything because of time delay and the fact it took so long to come up compared to first time at drs where it came up positive straight away must still mean falling hcg...but i did remember that unlike the first test at the drs last week, this test was extremely "cloudy" in the window - kind of like with a big pink stain across it, and it was quite hard to read (even the neg result)..and i also wondered whether the blood (from the spotting that morning) might have affected the reading, or even that id just come from the pool (chlorine) might have also affected it...ANYWAY (sorry this is long) - I took another HPT at home and it came up as immediately, strongly and clearly preg. i did three more HPTs yesterday and all were very strong lines (stronger than the control line)
    so rang dr back and told him, he said hmm, go have ultrasound which i did but of course at 5.5 weeks they could only see that there was a sac there, it looked good, in right position but no heartbeat visible yet.
    still waiting on these bloodly blood results, they are taking an age because of xmas i guess....but anyway, i feel so insecure..i was conv. initially that i was having a m/c and was devastated and now i kind of think im still preg (still naseaus and sore breasts etc)..ive had no more bleeding, and i keep getting all these positive hpts..

    a couple of qu. for anyone who might be able to help:

    1. if i am m/carrying, how quickly will my hcg levels drop - when will my preg tests start to fade?
    2. has anyone had a preg test that showed negative, a week after the initial positive, for it to turn out that they were still preg?
    3. has anyone heard of a "dodgy" preg test? or it possibly affected by blood/chlorine or something?

    anyone who can shed any light this morning, i will be VERY grateful, going out of my mind...:frown:

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    I had some bleeding with my first pregnancy up until 13wks and everything turned out fine.
    I would wait and see what your BT show also you DR should have done a second BT about 3 days later to see if your hcg levels are rising so you know for sure what is happening.
    It would have been to early to see anything on the scan and also your dates might be out just a little.
    Will he be sending you for another scan in the New Year ?

    I know it's hard not to worry and we all worry when these things happen.

    I have had negative HPT's from the Dr's before in fact all my pregnancies have been confirmed by a BT.

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    Try not to worry. It is not all that uncommon for one hpt to say yes and another to say no. The stick could have been past its use by date. It may also not have been stored properly. If the window was cloudy I would not rely on that test. As you have done 3 more tests that said you are pregnant, and the symptoms you escribe, then I would say "WOO HOO YOU ARE PREGNANT!!! "

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    Default Any News?

    Hey ttcno2,

    Just wondering how things turned out?


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