thread: my fat belly

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    Mar 2007

    my fat belly

    me two months - BellyBelly Member Photo Gallery

    HI all,
    thought i would update you, im now 8.1 weeks pregnant, and already im fat and showing alot.
    I started noticing more this week and now its friday, i feel very big lol

    just though i would share this pic i added on the thread above


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    Apr 2007
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    my belly is gettin bigger but it still looks fat not round lol. maybe u will have a spirt at the start and then wont get much bigger. fingas crossed for u cause if u keep going at the rate look out lol. goodluck with everything. ur pic looks great btw.

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    Jul 2006

    Wow...nice belly for 2 months...

    1st bub??

    I know with Jasmine i showed very early on..alot quicker then with Chelsea.

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    jules30 Guest

    i was thinking same - twins? or maybe you are further along than you thought. Have you had an ultrasound? My sister was told at her ultrasound that she was a few weeks ahead of what they originally said based on her last period.

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    Oct 2006

    I'm wondering the same as Kim - is it your first bub? (I hear a lot of people show earlier with a pre-stretched uteris )
    I know with me I gained a lot in the first couple of months, then slowed down a fair bit (I think it was those m/s associated meal choices ie hot chips, hot chips and hot chips LOL!). Perhaps you will find that you slow down when you get into the 2nd tri. Congrats on your pg! Enjoy the next 7 months

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    Mar 2007

    Hi im definately sure how far i am because i had ivf, i have been pregnant befor but it was ectopic, and i did bloat out then too, even though my uterus was empty, so im blaming hormones lol.
    I had a scan at the ivf clininc at 6.4 weeks, and they are sure its a single pregnancy not twins. i am eating slightly more than usual just to shift the heartburn and sicky feeling (which does work).


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    May 2004

    Nice Belly Georgette
    I remember your belly when you were pregnant with your little ectopic bub... you sure do show early!!

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    Nov 2007

    Wow Georgette!

    Heres me think at 8 weeks and 1 day why am I sticking out so much LOL! I go for a scan tomorrow but feel I am starting to show..have had a few puzzled looks lately!

    Congratulations anyway, hope it is a nice healthy baby for you!


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    Enchanted Guest

    WOW! Nice belly.... hope you have a H & H pregnancy

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    Mar 2007

    Far out! Its so cute!

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    May 2007

    Hi Georgette
    I am loving the fact that you have a belly. I am ten weeks and thought that I should not be showing at this early stage, but seeing your beautiful bump makes me feel like mine is normal too.
    I think that for me, when i eat i get a little more bloated, but it is the shape that is different from just being porky!

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    Nov 2007

    What a great bump for 8 weeks!Unfortunately i just look fat all overAs soon as my body hears the word pregnant i start blowing out (well with my last 2 anyway) .
    I wondered why i wasn't losing any weight when i had been doing all this exercise,duh Just in the last 2 weeks or so i have really filled out all around the middle.I was having a moan about being fat & my hubby said but darling ur growing a baby.I said well obviously this one likes lots of padding
    All the very best 4 the rest of your pregnancy

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    Mar 2007
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    I remember your belly last time too. You really shoot out don't you. I already had a belly before so you can't tell with me even though I'm a little ahead of you. You can tell it's changed shape though but only DF & I can see that.

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