thread: My first post in this forum!!

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    Sep 2004

    My first post in this forum!!

    :smt039 Hi everyone!

    I've been lurking around for a while in TTC and long term infertility, but now...I GRADUATE!!! \/

    We have been TTC since january and I was diagnosed with PCOS and in fact didn't have AF since going off the pill. I finally O'd on my 2nd cycle of clomid a week later than expected. So we were very lucky to catch my first little egg :fert: !! It was actually the day I was going to begin my 3rd cycle of clomid that i decided to do a HPT and nearly fell over when i saw a BFP!! :happy4u:

    That was last Tuesday. My gy/ob sent me for bloods that day and it came back positive and then again on Friday which showed the hcg was increasing at a good rate. Yesterday i had an u/s which showed that my little 1cm black dot with a cushion around it is in the uterus where it should be! So, all looks good. I must only be about 4 weeks and I'm due in late June.

    BTW can anyone tell me how to make that little chart thing that you girls have that shows how many wks pg you are and how long to go? #-o

    I have an appt with my gy/ob on 19 Nov. But can anyone suggest things i should be doing now eg. booking hospital, moisturizing to prevent stretch marks..?? Of course I know no alcohol etc and eating healthy. Also i have been taking folic acid all year, but should i be taking the pregnancy & breast feeding vitamins now as well/instead? I noticed they have a lower dose of folic acid but you can take them twice a day which would mean increased dose.

    I couldn't wait any longer, so i dragged my sister around (well hardly dragged, she's as excited as me!!) baby departments and we were gobb-smacked at the prices of baby stuff eg car seats, prams, cots etc. We thought it would be a good idea to choose all the stuff from one store and lay-by it. Then if people wanted to help out (family etc for baby shower) they could help by paying a bit off the lay-by. That way we get to choose stuff soon!!!!!!! I know i have to settle down.. 8 months to go yet!! :stroller:

    Oh, and when did everyone decide to tell family/friends that you are pg? We've told close family but we first thought we'd wait til about 12 weeks to tell friends etc., but i don't think i can hold it in that long!!! Sorry about all the questions!

    soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aug 2004

    LG, that's fantastic, well done! You sounds so excited, it's great!

    It is beneficial to switch to the pregnancy formula tabs because they have all the different vitamins and minerals you should be getting each day. i take blackmores but there are other brands you can get that you only have to take 1 a day.

    we told everyone straight away, and had some of the older ladies frowning on us for doing so, but we didnt care! we figured heaven forbid if something did go wrong we needed the support of everyone we knew, so we blabbed at about 2 weeks!

    I got my ticker from the fertility friend website, you can register for free and then go to ticker setup and just follow all the instructions, cant wait to see it!

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    Congratulations LG that is fantastic news. It is nice to have another success story from long term TTC happen

    Love :hbeat:

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    Jul 2004

    CONGRATUALTIONS LG, have a H&H pregnancy

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Welcome to first trimester LG and congratulations on your BFP! :wave:

    I think your idea of lay-bying all your stuff from one store is a great one. I may just do that myself!


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    Congratulations on your exciting news, Its an amazing feeling isnt, its very sureal!!

    I got pregnant very quick (first month of trying) after being told I may have to try IVF becuase of severe Endometriosis.

    Anyway in terms of when you tell people is entirely up to you. that whole waiting until 12 weeks is quite old fashioned (I beleive). The way I see it is if you dont tell any family and friends, and something did happen, that would mean you would have noone to support you through the tough times. I wanted my family and friends to know straight away as at least Id get the support if something did happen. My mum told me that the reason why it has continued to be a "dont tell anyone until 12 weeks" thing is because it used to be considered a taboo topic if it did happen. Now we live in the 21st century things have changed, people are more open and should be able to seek the support of friends and family should you need it. plus its nice to have friends and family there when you need to chat, becuase the first few weeks I have felt quite anxious (becuase of people telling me I should of waited the 12 weeks before telling anyone.)
    Thats my opinion!!

    I wish you all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy

    All the best


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    Jul 2004

    Congratulations on your Pregnancy LG!

    I love the lay-buying idea!

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    layla Guest

    That is a fantastic idea!!!!! =D>

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    Aug 2004
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    Welcome to 1st Tri LG.

    I was taking a pg multivitamin 3 months before we wanted to conceive, My Dr thought I was crazy spending $50 on a vitamin when all I needed was folate which is $2.95 so thats all I`m taking now.

    As to when to tell everyone, it`s up to you we told family/friends straight away as I thought if something happened to bubs I`d need the support of my family around me.

    I agree with you everything is terribly expensive, we brought a pram 4 weeks ago a Bertini Sterrable Pram, a very big pram it wouldn`t be everyones idea of a great pram because of the size but you can sterr it, we saved over $300 on this pram as it was on a 40%saving. I was hesitant at first buying it thinking it was far too early but we couldn`t resist the money saved.

    I`m going through an OB and he doesn`t book us into hospital until I`m 24 weeks, you`d be best to check with your OB but he`s not going to forget you.

    Re Stretch Marks- I started moisturising at 4 weeks pg, I`m using Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch Marks and DH rubs it into me everynight, remember to do your BB`s and thighs also.

    Take Care


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    Aug 2004

    i guess the multivitamins depend on your diet. is a great idea to take them if like me am turned of meat and a lot of dairy at the moment, but with the multivitamins i still get all the RDI's of what me and bubs needs.

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    Feb 2004

    LG, you'll have to post your story in the Long Term TTC Success Story thread....

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    Nov 2003

    Welcome to 1st tri, LG!! Congrats! I am only taking folate (but I am on other meds so I get sick of taking so many tablets LOL). I have also just ordered some of that Palmer's cocoa butter stuff for preventing stretch marks, so I will have to see how that goes!

    Take care.