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Thread: My story so far..........

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    Eurogirl Guest

    Default My story so far..........

    Hello ladies,

    Sorry for making a new thread and I hope I am not being selfish but I have done my head in. The next two days are going to be even worse as my DH is away with work and because I am not working at the moment either there is nothing I can do to put my mind off things. This is my story so far, I am now 2 days overdue for AF. Last week I experienced menstrual like pains for a day or so along with increased CM- yellow like. If I get AF pains they are usually on the same day of my AF and not very strong. Around the same time my breasts became swollen, heavy and sore, nipples enlarged and a dark ring circles around them. There are also blue veins through them- quite gross. They have became even more sore now, esp on the sides. I have had cramps in my groin and legs, heart burn perhaps 2-3 times per day, day naps, extreme bloatedness and back ache of which isn't too bad now and my cervix is very high and I can only just touch it with my fingertips so I can't say whether it is closed or soft/hard etc but I have never monitored this before. My big concern which has me worried is my bloatedness. Today my tummy (I think where my uterus is- under my belly button?) is so hard and swollen- looking at me you would think I was already months along. This worries me because last month I had this along with pains and then blood which turned into a M/C. I am so emotional as well, there has been outbursts of pure tears over how bloated and disgusting I look and then 10 minutes later I am ok again.

    I think I have taken a test every day for the last week and today as usual the test is a BFN. It is doing my head in!!! I feel pregnant, but maybe I do because my symptoms are similar to last month and that only ended in disappointment and sadness. My DH says that if no sign of AF by monday but I don't think I can wait that long esp without him and my puppy dog doesn't understand. I never have any of these symptoms for premenstrual or if so never this long but surely with all these symptoms then shouldn't the min amount of HCG show in these tests or could it still be too early? I read that other hormones are responsible for symptoms too?

    I am just so confused and desperate. If I am not pregnant then are these effects of the previous M/C?

    So sorry for my long winded blurb and I wasn't going to write anything and just search for answers but since being here alone I thought there might be other ladies who have been on this emotional rollercoaster before to give me some hope.

    Thanks again I would love to hear any thoughts or experiences you have had with symptoms and BFN's.

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    :hugs: tests can show up bfn in the earlier days, have heard of lots of ppl getting false negatives... i dnt have many answers i am sorry i just wanted to pop on and say ur not alone in this i had a few bfns where i was sure i was pregnant and then i got a bfp when i was sure i wasnt it all gets very confusing and overwhelming some times... there is deffinately hope its not over till af arives i say!!! are u charting that may help u shed some light on what your bodies doing? hope i havn't confused u!!

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    I can't answer your questions...but are you able to go to the doctors to have them test or hopefully answer your questions?? I hope that you get some answers asap . I hope you feel better really soon.

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    I would test again in 2 days

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    Hi Eurogirl,

    I just wanted to say I hope that you get your answer soon!! The waiting is hard, I know! Especially without DH . Maybe try a different brand test next time & do it first thing in the morning (so the HCG levels will be stronger). Discover Onestep is good.

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    Eurogirl Guest


    Thank you. I took another test today and it was negative (surprise, surprise). I have decided to leave it alone and see what happens, but today I seem to be spotting brown blood on the loo paper and feeling crampy- not bad though, just pressure like. I know blood is ok but not mixed with pains hey? It is good to have one or the other but not both? I will just see if the flow gets bigger I suppose, but doesn't your cerivx drop when AF arrives? I felt my cervix when I spotted the blood, and had brown liquid blood on my finger (sorry TMI) but it was still high, closed and actually felt softer than I can't mentally leave this alone... I am now looking every five minutes going to check for more spots of blood.

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    Eurogirl, you said you had a M/C last month? Did your Ob get your HCG level checked again? If you had a M/C last month, then you would not still be spotting unless it hasn't cleared out?! You should get your doctor to check you just to get some peace! Spotting can be worrisome, but they don't always mean the worst as I had brown/red spotting around week 7 which turned out to be a hematoma near the amniotic sac... Get it check out and keep us updated!

    WIsh you all the best!

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    Eurogirl Guest

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    Thank you for your reply Carmen2, my HCG levels returned to O quite quickly last month. The spotting has turned into a light flow now so I guess AF has shown up, the cramps subsided a little but now are still slightly there just dull like. My uterus is still so swollen and I am so bloated, it looks like I am 3-4 months along and I have veins all over my tummy and groin area. BB's swelling have gone down but blue veins still there and nipples are still large, have the dark circle and the bumps. Funny thing is though, my cervix is still really high- I can only just reach it so I can't say whether it is open or closed. I was really upset because I was sure I was PG- my symptoms were all there and they are not normal for me, I told myself that if I wasn't PG then I need to get checked out because this can't be right for a normal cycle- something is wrong with me....... I live in France so going to your family doc isn't that easy either. Do you know why could have had these cramps about a week ago? It was so unusual, just like AF pains but I was too early..
    I don't think I am going to try again this month, the thought of going all through this again is not good for me or my DH. I will just let nature take it course. Very big TMI warning.....I tell you something though I am passing some gas- smelly and loud which seems to take the edge of the cramps so not sure whether that has anything to do with anything or not.

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    Eurogirl, after having read your posts, I've been given some thoughts. I find it odd that you are still experiencing pregnancy symptoms and yet your HCG level was 0 when you last checked it. I think you should get yourself check by another doctor just to make sure everything is okay. Sorry to bring this up again, but could you tell me if your Ob did a D & C when you miscarried?

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