thread: Neck thickness??

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    Neck thickness??

    I was at a friends house last night who is 13 weeks pg. At her 12 week scan it showed that her baby had a neck thickness reading (sorry I can't think of the correct term) of 3.1mm which they considered a little high and she has to go for more tests. Also the baby is a couple mm smaller than 'average'.

    Has anyone had 'high' readings before only to have a healthy baby?


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    Jun 2003

    I have had a gf who had a high nuchal fold measurement as a result she went on to have amnioscentisis and everything did end up being fine. Try to tell your friend not to worry too much, don't they do combined bloodtest these days to get a more accurate result?


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    They should be sending her for a blood test and the results of that combined with the results of the thickness will give an idea of the risk factor for Downs.

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    Jun 2005

    usually they do the blood test too and then take the thickness into account also and come up with a % risk factor. Did she get a 1 in ??? factor from the docs? Is she going to go and do a CVS or amnio? Even if the risk factor is high there are heaps of cases where the baby is ok.

    hope it all works out for her

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    SmallNads Guest

    At this stage she's only had the ultrasound. She's booked in for more tests this week - I wouldn't have a clue what tests though.

    She seems fairly worried about. Poor thing.

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    Pietta Guest

    Poor thing- i hope it all turns out for her.

    Pregnancy is stressful enough in the beginning.