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    Any help would be great.

    Friend of mine at work has been trying to concieve for a couple of months now. Her period was about 10 days late and she started to bleed as normal so she thought "oh well not this time". She then went on her merry way and about a week after it all stopped the bleeding started up again with a vengence. Was very brown and heavy and now its just red blood and heavy (she is normally very light when she has her period). Anyway she went to the doctor and had a blood test yesterday. She rang to get the results today and the doctor told her her hormone levels are 34 and normal is 25. He then went on to say that she may be pregnant cos anything over 34 usually means u are pregnant or she could be having a missed miscarrage. Im trying to figure out what these "hormone levels" are that he is talking about. Cant be HCG cos they can go right down to 9 and the doctor said 25 and lower was normal. Does anyone have a clue as to what these levels are that he is talking about?

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    If he's not talking about hcg it could be progesterone. But I think it's more likely he's talking about hcg.

    Your friend should call her doctor back and ask if she's confused.

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    In medical terms a hcg level of >25 is considered PG. <10 is not PG and anything inbetween is inconculsive.

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    Thanks for your help

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    I was told by my IVF clinic anything over 16 was pregnancey

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    So did you find out from your friend what the doc was talking about?

    Would love an update...

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