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Thread: new mummy to be with some qs

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    Question new mummy to be with some qs

    ok so i am probably jumping the gun a bit on this as i only just got my on two home preg tests but i figure until i go to the dr i should still try and do thihngs right...
    i wanted to ask
    what can i and can't i eat?
    is caffiene ok? i drink alot of coke...
    i work in childcare is lifting and other normal duties going to be ok?
    i am sure there are more but i will leave it at that

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    Welcome to BB. Congrats on your BFP.

    Avoid seafood, deli foods, cheeses, coke is not try cut that out...easier said then done if ur addicted to it like i was! LOL

    I would say childcare would be ok, but try to avoid lifting where possible. Cleaning products as well try to avoid...not always possible. I got DH to do most of that when i was PG. If u have cats dont change cat litter!!

    Theres so much info on the net. May best advice is to google pregnancy, or get a hold of some great pregnancy books. Conception, Pregnancy & Birth: by Miriam Stoppard is what i have and found it so very helpful and would always refer to it.

    All the best

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    Congrats on your pregnancy, Noni*e!

    When the little embryo is tiny and newly implanted, it still lives mainly off the stuff that was already in the egg. Therefore if you do eat/drink something "bad" it isn't the end of the world - although it is a good idea to get used to it as early as possible. This isn't to say going out on a bender is a good idea, just that the baby won't take in so much rubbish as it would otherwise.

    Caffine should be limited to about 300mg a day - that's 3 cups of coffee, 4 cups of weakish tea, 600g chocolate or equivalent with cola - you can get caffine free cola if you find it hard to give up, although I've had that a few times and I don't find it completely caffine free!

    As for foods, use common sense. If something has bacteria in, like nice cheese, then it's out. If something is a main suspect in a food poisoning case (like meat that has been cooked then chilled for more than 24 hours - with many deli stands and sandwich shops you can't know how long the meat has been chilled for) then it's out. There's a list on this website in the articles to help you if you look around.

    Oh yes, if you or your DH, or even your mum/dad/sister/brother are allergic to something avoid that too as you don't want the baby recognising the protein in the foodstuff and developing an allergy too. Right pain in the butt for me, as I love nuts and DH is severely allergic, but it's far better to be safe than sorry.

    Exercise - for the first trimester, the baby is well protected by your hips (the uterus doesn't rise up and out until later) - whilst new exercise isn't recommended and you should cut down on things (eg lo-impact aerobics, not high), things you already do are OK. So if for your work you are used to heavy lifting and long walks, that's OK, but you will find yourself more and more breathless and may wish to delegate this as much as possible.

    Best of luck to you!

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