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Thread: New Test??

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    Default New Test??

    Hi girls,
    i was wondering if anyone knows anything further about this test??
    I am so hoping that this test is up and running.

    thanks hoping that someone knows something.....anything would be fabulous!
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    Sounds interesting, but still only in trial stages. Would be a big benefit though.

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    What test is it... your link ws removed as they are not allowed to be posted.

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    Bec I remember reading about this a few days ago and thinking the same thing. The article I read tho indicated that it is still some time away from being used.

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    Sorry girls,
    Link was removed.
    Did find out more information which was like searching for a needle in a hay stack..but unfortunately the test was in trial stages but has been suspended due to inconclusive results .
    i am really disappointed as i thought by now it would be past the trial stage..but what can u do?
    Let's keep our fingers crossed that they get it all sorted out.

    And my apologises for posting a link...i did know not to but i thought it was for ppl who were advertising for their own benefit. Sorry

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