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    tanz Guest

    Default newbie who has questions

    I'm Tanz an i have only just joined today. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. I havent had any morning sickness at all. the occassional quesy feeling and vry tired!! I know that some women dont get sick but i cant help but worry a little if everything is ok.

    i dont have my first ultrasound at hospital for another 4 weeks. is this normal? I just cant wait to find out if everything is all ok.first time mum nerves i suppose.

    I was also wondering if it is safe to fly in a plane at my stage? i have read bits and pieces on net but thought i could get some feedback from BB.

    sorry so long

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    It's completely normal to not have m/s. My sister in law were like chalk and cheese with our preg. i was as sick as a dog for nearly 5 months where she only occasionally felt a little queazy. We both have perfectly healthy bubs - me a girl and her a boy. As for the flying thing i think it's recommended to wait til after 12 weeks but my best friend had to fly before then and spoke to her dr and all was fine. Just speak to ur dr if ur unsure. Good luck and congrats

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    tanz Guest

    Talking thanks illuvella

    thanks for reply. it feels good to get some advice fom mums and mums to feels good to chat to others that have gone through what i am going through. i suppose i should be glad that im not sick all the time!
    I will def check with my doc before flying.

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    Percy Guest


    I haven't had any morning sickness at all and my bub is supposedly healthy! Relax! Its all going to be fine!

    Flying - I personally would see nothing that would be wrong with flying - I mean air hosties keep flying don't they???? (or do they??!!) Anyways I think you should be fine.

    Scans - yes its normal not to have one until 12-13 weeks. I've only had a few already becuase I lost a baby earlier this year.

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    Hi Tanz,
    I am almost 12 weeks pregnant, and I have had no bad morning sickness. I have been like you, just feeling queasy and tired. I feel most queasy when I lay down. I am unsure about the flying though... as Rae mentioned, it would be best to ask your Dr.
    I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I didn't suffer from much morning sickness either, only the odd queasy feeling here and there. So count yourself lucky for now as it may kick in later on down the track. I flew out of Australia to Europe at about 4-5 weeks pregnant and flew back between 8-9 and everything was perfectly fine. Where are you flying to?

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    Tanz: I've had no morning sickness - only occasional queasiness for about 2 weeks. I flew when I was 5 weeks and it was fine, I think the only reason you couldn't fly would be if you had blood pressure issues or risk of DVT...always a good idea to ask your doc though.

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    Hi Tanz

    I've not had too much morning sickness until recently, and I'm nearly 12 weeks. The worst part has been the tiredness.

    As for flying, I just flew from Brissy to Perth then back again and asked my doc if it was ok before I went. She told me it was ok, and to keep my fluids up, move around whenever possible, and wiggle my legs around (I'm a fidget, so that's easy for me!).

    Happy flying!

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    Hi Tanz - congratulations - i'm 8wk5days with my first and only started to get constant nausea at the beginning of the week - as has been mentioned - it is the fatigue that is the killer - i wouldn't be too worried - i was worried about lack of symptoms and now i really wish they would go away! When are you due? you should check into one of the belly buddies thread for your due date, they are really great, you get to know a group of people that are going through the exact same thing because you are all due within 2 weeks of each other - great support. Anyway, here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy. Rachel

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    I flew from London to Oz at 12 weeks. I think it's more a prob if you're at the other end and about to pop!! They don't recommend it then. As for m/s it always amazes me how different everyone is when it comes to that. My friend had severe ms up until the day she gave birth, where as I was queazy but only for 16 weeks.
    good luck with your pregnancy! xoxo

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    Flying is fine during pregnancy as long as you keep moving and drink lots of fluids.
    I flew 3 or 4 times in my last pregnancy (Vietnam at 3-5wpg, NZ x 2, Brisbane from Melb) and there were no probs. You can fly til 36w I believe with most airlines, and after that they require a medical clearance from your dr.
    Most international countries will not let you in after about 24w as they dont want an unexpected new citizen on their hands!

    Half your luck on the missing m/s, hopefully you wont get a bout later in your pregnancy!! and its a very hard wait til 12-13 weeks for that first ultrasounds, but what a joyous time it is!


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    Hi Tanz and welcome. I've just flown twice - at 11w and 13w - and aside from normal "I hate flying" feelings Liebling and I have been fine. Also I've only had morning sickness once and in the UK waiting for about 12w is normal, I'll be 13w2d at my next scan (I got a dating one cos I couldn't wait!). I agree with drinking lots, although it does mean that you need to use the airline loo, though that at least gets you walking around.

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