thread: Newly Pregnant - need tips and advice

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    Smile Newly Pregnant - need tips and advice

    hi Ladies :

    I took a HPT a few days ago at about 12dpo and i got a nice BFP - a very good line too may i add I will be heading to the GP on Tuesday to organise BTs and do everything that needs to be done! so fingers crossed all goes well and i have nice high HCG levels

    NOW what tips and advice do u lovely ladies have for a first time mumtobe?? I know pretty much everythng about food consumption - but can someone clarify eggs? is there a certain amount of eggs u can eat in a week?

    I also have a holiday booked to go to penang and KL for 13 nights at the end of July which would make me just over 4 months preg and (i think about 17 weeks) i was wondering if that will be okay travelling to malaysia pregnant? its about 5.5 hrs flight, im not too concerned about the flight i think its more about what u eat there - i have been there 2 times now and never had an issue with the food coz i am way OTT about it aall (like charlotte in SACT movie hahaha) and dont have ice, brush teeth with bottle water etc dont eat off the carts in the streets and mostly stick to the hotel food - which are all 5 star hotels....what do u think???? do u think it will be okay?

    THANKS for ur help!!

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    Hi Jezabel, congrats on your BFP and welcome to BB. I myself have never travelled overseas so cant really give you any advice. I sposeif you are going to the Dr on Tuesday you could ask him/her? Have a happy and healthy 9 months!

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    Hi there,

    All will be fine in KL. DH and I went to Hong Kong 3 days after finding out I was UTD. Just be careful and if at any stage you are unsure then simply don't risk it. I ate at food markets and in 5 star places. All was fine - no illness at all - bottled water is the main thing and NO salad bars. Eat your vegies cooked. Fruit I washed myself or I ate things like bananas and mandarins - stuff with skin you don't eat. Eggs - I've eaten approx 2 - 3 a week and no probs there. I was not drinking coffee or alcohol during my first trimester (purely as the smell made me sick) but I was okay and back to a little of both by the third trimester. I constantly get annoyed by being told not to eat raw fish and certain cheeses - I mean how do you think the French and the Japanese women have babies? Most of all - ENJOY YOUR FINAL HOLIDAY AS JUST THE TWO OF YOU!

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    Yay!! Congratulations on your BFP!!!
    My advice, enjoy you're 9 months! Its such an exciting time!

    Not sure about the holiday, never been overseas so i can't really help you there.

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    Hi Jezabel!

    Congratulations on your great news!

    I live in Vietnam so I think KL will be fine. The only eating guidelines my obst gave me was to avoid ice (because you don't know how many people have touched it) and shellfish. He said there was no listeria in Vietnam because there are no fridges (I don't relly get the logic in that one). The main thing he said was just to take the normal precautions.

    I eat salad if the restaurant uses treated water to wash it. At soup places, I ask for the herbs to be boiled in the soup stock for a few moments before I use it. I've always used bottled water to clean my teeth. And I have been avoiding the pavement food stalls but still eating out in places that I know and that have a high turnover. I peel fruit or soak stuff in salty water for 10-15 minutes, then make sure I wipe all the water off.

    At 12 weeks, I have just shaken off the morning sickness and debilitating fatigue. That would be the main thing that would ruin your holiday, I think. If it's still bothering you at four months, just take it easy. Maybe think about switching your plan to a beach holiday where you are SUPPOSED to lie around all day.

    Just be careful in presuming five-star hotels are safe. In Asia, the wages are often low. Tourism has suffered during the economic downturn, so employees who rely on tips will be suffering too. And I don't know if hygiene standards are going to be a priority for those on a minimum wage. Some people might also try to cut corners to save money ... so I would be looking for busy five-star places with a few supervisers floating around.

    And double check with your doctor about vaccinations and the malaria/dengue risk for the places you're going. Some vaccinations you can't have if you're pregnant. I'm not sure whether Aerogard is safe... I've used it now and then because there's a dengue outbreak here at the moment.

    I've REALLY been feeling the heat. So invest in some really cool and comfortable clothes for your holiday and try to stay cool in your hotel, at the pool or in the shops. And if you see a gorgeous quilted cream fake Chanel handbag... appreciate it for me. I didn't buy it when I was in KL in January and I've been regretting it ever since!

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    Mar 2009

    Great advice is in this thread:

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    Hi Jezabel,

    Im a travel agent so I just thought i'd add my two cents worth. You may want to ring the airline to check if it is ok for you to travel. Most of the big ones (Malaysian Airlines etc) will let you travel up until 26 weeks but the more budget ones Air Asia/Tiger Air etc may be different. Just an idea.

    P.S. Congratulations on that BFP...send some luck my way!!!

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    not sure about all the travel stuf but CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP!!!! Hope all goes well for you at the docs!!!

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    hi hun..
    I travelled to KL when I was abt 15 weeks. no problems at all. you dont need to go to 5 star hotels. restaurants are ok. if you are not used to hawker style food, try to avoid it. I had had it before and ate it anyway. having said that I'm M'sian born.
    Are you going to be in teh city only? You dont need any vaccination etc. You dont need to brush your teeth with bottled water
    KL - the food is to die for!! and restaurants etc are all very good. enjoy all the food, but as the same here, avoid shellfish etc.
    Flight's no problem. who are you flying with? I flew with Malaysia Airlines and when i told them I was pg, the crew were fantastic. even came up to me in the middle of teh night(i couldnt sleep) and ask if i need a hot drink etc. Do get some flight socks tho.

    I assume with 5.5 hrs flight you must be on teh west coast. it's not a long flight so you'll be fine.

    I cant say how jealous I am that you are going! (Actually I'm going back late Aug) I so love the food there. It will be very warm, so dress lightly.