thread: no m/s either

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    christinem Guest

    no m/s either

    Hi everyone,

    i havnt had m/s either so there are a few around that dont get it!! But many say that some people can get it at 8-9 weeks which is also quite common...

    But i have learnt now that not getting m/s dosnt mean that things are wrong. My mother and all of her siblings each went through pregnancies without m/s and I also have many friends around that have had babies with no M/s

    Thats great that you girls are getting early u/s, Im so desperate to hear the little heart beat. I have my first antenatal app on the 8th, but they dont do the any scans until 12 weeks.ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Im going to try to sneak one in earlier at my regular doctors as they have them on site.....

    I just finished my very last research report today for Uni...Yippee,!! Im on 4mth holidays and come out with a degree!! (but I have honours next year) Now i can start reading "up the Duff"


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    christinem Guest

    And I just realisd that I posted a new topic, anyway this should be in the november first trimester


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    LOL Christine. You'll get the hang of things in no time I'm sure! Glad to hear you are going well. Congrats on finishing your research report!

    See you in the monthly thread!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2004

    I have had no m/s and can't believe how lucky I am. However I have been tired and had mood swings and sore breasts.

    I have had 2 scans now. One at 6 wks to give me my dates. And one last night to check for Downs Syndrome. It was great to see bub moving around and healthy.

    Looking forward to the 19week scan when DH will be with me.


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    lovebourbon Guest

    Im So Jelous of you all that escape m/s my day starts at around 4am with me running to the bathroom, then again usually when i get up, and sometimes if im real lucky i get it for lunch too!! lol
    Oh well its the joys, Neither of my sisters copped it either yet I had it all the way through with my first and still have it with my second...

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    I have also had no m/s but sometimes after eating i feel .

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    christinem Guest

    well the funny thing is after saying that i didnt get m/s i had a rough bout of it yesterday-throwing up but today im ok again...yet still a bit queezy