thread: Is this normal?

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    Margot_In_Oz Guest

    Is this normal?

    I've felt really ill today. About five minutes after getting up this morning (after a good sleep), I nearly blacked out and went really hot. A felt better after a little while and lots of cold drinks and a cold shower helped. Early afternoon, I felt really bad again, nearly fainted and was shaky all over for nearly an hour. I slept for a few hours this afternoon to try and feel better and that helped, but I don't think I was sleep deprived or anything. Is this something I should be worried about, or do anything about, or is this completely normal and to be expected?

    9.5 weeks
    EDD 6 October 05

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
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    Hi Margot,

    I would say that what you are feeling is a normal symptom, that at least a few of us have had ...

    When I was pg I had many spells of shakiness and dizziness... I attributed these to low sugar levels or something similar, as the only cure for it would be to eat something - and fast! (otherwise I was in danger of passing out)

    I know there are other reasons for it too... I'm sure the other girls will share their experiences too!

    Try not to stress about it, however, I would suggest that you mention it at your next Dr/Midwife appt as they may have some suggestions or tips...

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    Custardtart Guest


    It might be a good idea to get your blood pressure checked, the baby can cause all sorts of changes in your need for oxygen, and most ppl's heartrate increases by about 15% when they are pregnant. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness, but anything as simple as a head cold can become extremely inconvenient when your body is dealing with pregnancy as well.
    I've had a cold these last two weeks (can't shake it off because the immune system is depressed) and the stuffed head makes me dizzy every time I bend down to empty the dishwasher!


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    Margot_In_Oz Guest

    Thanks Ambah, Kerrie. I have an OB appt tomorrow so will mention it then. But in the meantime, I'll just make sure I eat more regularly. I honestly feel like I'm eating like a horse these days - constant grazing.