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Thread: Is this normal? Not sure what to think....

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    Default Is this normal? Not sure what to think....

    Hi everyone...I'm a bit worried, cause i am 9weeks today and hardly feel pregnant at all. Has anyone else had this? Other than sore bbs, and some pulling, stretchinf feelings in my tummy area, I feel fine.....not overly tired, not nauseous, nothing!
    Am I stressing over nothing?
    I have read that some people are "lucky" and just dont get sick......what do you think?
    I just need some reassurance.Its hard when its your first time, and you have no idea what to expect!
    Thankks heaps...

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    I think u are very lucky!!

    But in saying that...with this pg i was the same as you until 8-9 weeks and then it hit!!!!

    Where as my first i was sick from 6-22 weeks!!

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    Kristabelle, i wouldn't worry too much - i had no morning sickness or feelings of tireness during both my twin pregnancy and singleton pregnancy. I was quite concerned i was actually pregnant until my tummy started rapidly growing at 10 weeks!

    Like Kimbaz said, i think you are very lucky!

    Enjoy this fantastic time...


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    Kristabelle, not everyone experiences the same pregnancy symptoms. Aside from sore bb, I had mild abdominal discomforts (like dull ache) and fatigue. I would say you are very lucky since you are not experiencing m/s. HOpe you have a healthy pregnancy!

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    Lucky you Kristabelle! Seems i've been hit bad with the pregnancy symptoms - sore bb's, heartburn, fatigue and morning sickness (who called it that?!?) morning, noon and night! Everyone is different! One of my SIL's had no symptoms while the other was like me! Both went on to have beautiful, healthy babies, so try not to worry!

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    Hi Kristabelle!
    I am 7w today and have had vague nausea, a bit of burping!, moderately sore boobs and thats it!Its my first time too and I was a little worried until I read these posts, now I think that everyone is different. Going for first scan tomorrow, a little worried and very excited!!

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