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Thread: Not "feeling" pregnant

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    Question Not "feeling" pregnant

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to know if other's have found that they don't "feel" pregnant. I'm just over 10 weeks and have had no m/s- not even feeling "icky" at times. I am feeling tired and have sore bb's, but that's about it. I was worried that all might not be well and was able to have an early u/s. I know that everything is OK as I saw bub moving around and heard it's heart beat. The u/s guy just said I was lucky...does anyone else feel like this?


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    Kruzzler just count yourself lucky but I can understand that you may be feeling a bit stressed with the lack of symptoms. I too felt that something must not be right when I was feeling too good to be pregnant. I went to have a blood test a few times to check that my hormone levels were rising which of course they were.

    I am now 21 weeks pregnant and still feel great especially now that I can feel the baby move.

    Enjoy the lack of symptoms.

    Love Linda

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