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    Hey everyone,

    My doctor has told me over the phone to get a NT Scan and blood test done.

    Is this a normal thing that's done now? I wasn't offered it my last two pregnancies and still aren't sure really what it is, except for something that detects possible abnormalities.

    I'm only 27 as well, is it normal for people of any age to have it done now? My last two pregnancies I was aged 18 and 20.

    I'll be one day before 12 weeks when I get the scan done, is this too soon?

    I feel like I'm flying blind here this pregnancy, i've never heard of these things before and thought that only 35+ aged women get tests like this.

    I feel like a beginner again!

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    Fire Fly Guest


    My little pregnancy book says NT scans estimate the risk of Downs based on the measurement of the thickness of the fluid-filled space at the back of the neck, as well as the mothers age and the stage of pregnancy. Detects 60-70 per cent of bubs with Downs and may indicate other fetal abnormalities.
    Its an ultrasound done at 12-13 weeks.

    I wouldnt be to concerned. U/S's are normally done at the 12 week mark anyway so go and enjoy it.

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    I was told to have my NT scan done when I was over 12 weeks... I was told that they would send me away if I was any earlier... you might want to check with the imaging place you are going to... I think it is more accurate when you are over 12 weeks... I got mine done when I was 13ish weeks from memory.

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    I was told that the NT scan should be done between 12 weeks and 13 weeks 4 days. I'm only 29 but have a nephew with Downs so it was recommended I have the test. In the end I did it mainly to see bubs as we would not have done further testing regardless of the result.

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    They offer the scan to everyone now I don't age is a big issue anymore as i read it can happen to anyone even under the age of 35. Sorry if that worries anyone but it's what a read last week.

    If you can book it just passed 12 weeks as they will get a better idea on the NF.

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    Ah, thanks girls

    I just rerang and booked it for 4 days afterwards. She said the earliest is 11w4days, but I told her I would feel more comfortable pushing it forward. So due to the last scans measurements, I will be 12w3d by then.

    The scan prior to the last one (5w6d) dated me to be 4 days behind the last one, but there wasn't much to measure. So now I know at least if the previous scan was more correct on dates, that I still will be covered in that time.

    Thanks so much for your advice! I will try and just enjoy the scan, it's DPs first baby and it's really exciting for him all this, so I guess I should be happy we can get such a scan done before the 20 weeks.

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    I am 22 and was offered the NT scan when I had my booking in appointment with a midwife. They told me I didnt have to do it, but they just offer it to everyone anyway. I had the scan done anyway as I wanted to see bub and make sure bub was growing ok, and everything was OK with bub. We had ours at 12w4d and I was absolutely amazed at how much detail we were able to see. We got pics aswell.

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    A friend of mine never had it mentioned toher and when she asked about it with this pregnancy, the doctor asked her why ???? I had a routine appointment with my GP today and I was planning on bringing it up with her, but didn't end up having to, as that was the sole purpose of the appointment.

    I am 31 at present and the risk goes up from 31 onwards. So if you are under 30 and your doctor has never mentioned it, that may be why.

    NT scan detects the risk of Downs Syndrome and can detect some other genetic abnormalities. My nephew has various problems, none of which have been given a diagnosis, so my doctor has written info on this on my referral, so that if there are any genetic sequences present, they can then look into it further.

    Oh and when I booked in today for it, they told me that the best time for the scan is at 12 weeks. I will be 12 weeks 1 day when I have my scan.

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