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    Hi eveyone,

    just thought i would share the results from my NT test i had a bit of run around yesterday afterbeing told that i had the wrong test taken , then to be told i had the right test taken but they had to send my blood to an independant lab for further testing.... in the end all that had happend is they had lost my results due to someone putting my maden name onto my results even though my name has been changed since november .... gggrrrrr anyway after a bit of a sleepless night they came back all good i think?! it says they are low risk ...
    background risk 1:871 and adjusted risk 1:17405

    13 weeks tomorrow and all is good i think i might go buy my first bit of baby stuff....

    *hugs to everyone*

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    Girly Girl,

    Those results sound good. Mine was 1:44 so I ended up having an Anmino done but all is now good.

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    yeah, enjoy shopping!

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    Does anyone know how they determine the risk?
    I'm a bit behind with all the testing and stuff

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    There is a fold at the back of the neck of a developing baby called the neuchal fold.

    They measure this and use it to determine the risk of downs syndrome as a baby that has a thicker fold has a higher risk than one that has a thinner fold.

    This is one of the major risk indicators in the early stage of PG but it's not always the case of a baby having a thicker NF having downs syndrome.
    There is also a blood test that is used in conjunction with the fold measurement. This looks for a protein that is present in the mothers blood as well.

    If there is a high risk then other testing can be done to find out for sure if the baby has it.

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