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Thread: Nuchal Translucency Test

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    hopefullmum2b Guest

    Question Nuchal Translucency Test

    Hi everyone,

    does anyone know if you can have the Nuchal Translucency Test at your local hosiptal ?

    Thanks in Advance


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    It would depend on the hospital. If it is a very small hospital then i don't think you could. Medium sized hospitals should have the equipment and staff to be able to do it

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    I went to a big public hospital and they were unable to do it for me. I had to go to a private hospital to have mine done. I needed a referal for it.

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    noobie Guest

    Default Nuchal Translucency Test

    Yeah, I had to book mine privately, but it turned out that I was too late. I booked at 13.5 weeks, but they've dated me at 14.3 so it was too late for the nuchal. Was still great to get the first sight of our little baby though.

    I was told there is also a blood test you can take at 15 weeks, but I don't know much about it as yet.

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    becmc Guest


    You would have to ring and ask them. I believe it is not the equipment, but whether they have a trained operator doing the u/s that can do the nuchal translucency or not.
    The blood test I think you can do from 9 to 12 weeks, and the scan from about 11-13 weeks.

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    LizzysMum Guest


    I had mine done at the hospy but it is one that has a pathology and Xray/imaging department within it. I still needed a referral.

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    Hi Bec,

    I had the nuchal test with my last pregnancy but I had to pay for it privately, they do offer it routinely here but only over the age of 35. I had had a misc prior to the last pregnancy and really wanted to put my mind at rest. Here the scan is combined with a blood test that is done instead of the usual ones at the 16 weeks mark. They are much more accurate. It is a personal choice whether to go for it or not, I think I will again with this pregnancy. You do have to make sure you are within the right time frame, here I think up to 13+6days or they cannot do it.

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    I got a referal from dr am having it at a radiology centre i dont think my hospital does it they have a big patient bay area i think the hospital sends patients to them. Give them a call, easiest way to find out

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