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Thread: Okay to use cleaners?

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    Default Okay to use cleaners?

    Hi, I am 9 weeks first pregnancy and got some new bathroom cleaner last week. When I used it, the fumes were very strong and I did get a few good wiffs of it, will my baby be okay? I have tried to find info on the net about this w/no luck. I need to keep my house clean while pg and need some kind of guidelines to follow. Can anyone help??

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    i like to use natural cleaning products, but if they do have a strong odour and you have to use them make sure you wear gloves and a dust mask or something to cover your mouth and nose...i remember buying that easy-off-bam and it almost knocked me out when i sprayed my shower, so thats what turned me more towards natural..

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    Just make sure everything is well ventilated. Try one of those surgical mask type things if you are worried. Or buy a cleaner that is more natural based
    Best advice is to get someone else to do it for

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    dont stress you'll both be fine.
    personally id avoid it from now on:P get someone else to do it or clean with bicarb/vinegar, etc.

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    I agree with joh - bicarb and vinegar are great for cleaning. I can't stand the smell of cleaning product fumes even when i'm not pregnant, so i use the Orange Power range. I'm pretty sure they have a website.

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    A good excuse to get DH to clean!

    The only cleaner that I've ever heard specifically to stay away from is oven cleaner.
    Otherwise, make sure there's ventilation.

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