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    Got the hugest fright this morning when I took my temps and its gone from 36.9 to 36.36 (way below the cover line). I have only just finished the implantation spotting so could this be the implantation dip [-o<

    I'm really worried as it is very early stages for me still (doctor said I have oly just implanted). Could you please have a look at my chart? Does the low temp mean I will get AF and m/c?


    Thanks for your help

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    If you are 4 weeks, then you conceived about 2 weeks ago. Like you said bubs should have implanted by now..which is a good sign. Have you been getting niggles? like AF cramping? this is a good sign.

    Dont worry about taking your temp.. you dont really need to anymore and it will stress you out and your little one growing inside. My temps went up and down all the time. I like you kept checking but I gave it up around 5 weeks... It will only make you upset hon. Have you got any symptoms? tiredness?, nausea? If you are worried .. you can get your HCG monitored, I had mine done every week, as I m/c before the HCG levels and progesterone levels will tell you how the pregnancy is going.

    Also you can ask your GP for a referal to get a 7 week scan done in 3 weeks time.

    Thinking of you , I know its a really anxious time right now for you as I have been through it twice before. Promise to stop taking your temp, it will make you feel much better.


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    Thank you sooooo much ladies, I feel so much better . Well sort of, other being sick (which is great) and yes I do have the af like cramps, at first I was worried but when I was told it was normal I kind of embrased it. My nipples started to get sore last night and I was so excited. he he he.

    Once again, thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!! :flower:

    And yes, I promise to stop taking my temps

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    good luck with everything hun O

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    That's wonderful hun, CONGRATS on your pregnancy, glad your feeling sick (in a good way) and that your boobies are sore, that's a really good sign darl, hope it continues, but as said by the wonderful BB girls, if worried then get a check, always be safe.... Good luck darlin'. O

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    Hope everything goes well, can be hard not to worry hey!

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