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Thread: only one sore boob!

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    clare076 Guest

    Default only one sore boob!

    I have gone from no sore boobs, to today having just one sore boob!
    I just don't get it.

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    Hi Clare,

    I am just over 5 weeks pregnant and I have one boobie that is a lot more sore than the other!! I would say it's nothing to worry about, just our hormones doing their bit LOL!!

    Anita xxxI

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    Clare, don't complain too loudly, the other Boob might hear and start up! LOL!!

    It is a well known fact that PG makes many a woman even more lopsided than usual. You may never have noticed that one is bigger, or hangs lower, or is a different shape, but you sure will notice during PG!

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