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Thread: pain /crampy thing

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    Thumbs down pain /crampy thing

    ive had it a couple of times now its kinda like a stabbing pain right near my belly button... dosn't last long but it is quite uncomfortable.... any ideas?

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    uterus and tummy getting squished around?

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    Hi nonie,
    I had really bad cramping for about 8-10 weeks in the first tri.... it was worrying but at the same time I just resolved to go with it and what ever the universe had in store would be... at about 12-14 weeks it stopped.
    The docs and MW told me it was the uterus contracting and your body just prepareing itself for the massive stretch that is ahead.

    If you are really concerned and it doesnt subside go straight to your doc and get an ultra sound maybe.

    Hope you feel better soon

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