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Thread: Pain when Urinating

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    Red face Pain when Urinating

    Does anybody else get this. Its not like a urinary tract infection pain it feels like its actually coming from my bladder and then comes down with "the flow". It definitely hurts in my lower stomach (where the baby is). It doesn't happen all the time either. This morning when I got to work I had really orangey/browny discharge. I did have browny discharge at 11 weeks last time and the doctor said it was a threatened miscarriage but this is much more orangey this time.

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    I'd be off to see the doctor. You could have a bladder infection. Hope everything goes well.

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    Sounds like a bladder infection see your dr or if you don't have time at least ask at the chemist. I just had a 'threatened miscarriage' they will probably want to give u a u/s to be sure and probably take some urine. Do you have a really heavy vitamin B diet?

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    Sounds like an infection to me. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day. This will help to flush your bladder. Go and see a Dr as soon as you can.

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