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    i just have a question i get a sharp pain from time to time, near my ribs, like stretching?
    Im only 9 weeks and remember having it with DS but not till later like6-7 months as i could feel my whole body stretching to accomedate him. and i get it in the middle of my chest aswell sort of like heart burn. I also get the odd twitch in my groin. is this my body stretching for bub? i thought this might be a bit early for these kind of symptoms, maybe im further along than i suspect. my scan is the 7th aug couldnt get in earlier to chat to him. its the waiting game at the moment, im hoping everything is ok. any comments would be appreciated.

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    not sure hun but try not to stress too much things do happen alot earlier in subsequent pregnancies so yeah it could just be streching. i would definately ask your doctor/ ob when you see them next.
    best of luck with everything

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    I had a lot of pains around 8-10weeks during this pregnancy. They were similar to ones I got heaps later in pregnancy with Matilda. I think your body is remembering what needs to be done & starts stretching earlier. HTH! I made sure to tell my midwives & let them know every step along the way anyway... as I am trying for a VBAC I thought it important to keep everyone informed.

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