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Thread: Pains just on right side.

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    Default Pains just on right side.

    I keep getting pains on my right side which I have now worked out what it is possibly. It's sort of like a stitch or ovulation pain. In that area anyway.
    It gets worse and stronger until I got to the toilet then it's gone pretty much straight away.
    Few questions now:
    1. Can this be a urine infection even though it doesn't burn when urinating?

    2. Could it just be my bladder is too full, but why just my right side.

    3. Is this enough of a worry to see my GP? I don't think it is and don't want to waste her time.

    4. Has anyone else felt these pains before in early pregnancy?

    I'm not sure that I had this last time in early pregnancy. Maybe my pants are too tight and I just have to wake up to the fact that I need to buy new ones, haha. *sigh*
    I'm just not sure what to do.

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    Did you have a drain with your c/s? I get pain in my scar tissue even though its been almost 2 years, I have had a few pains where my drain was with all my uterine stretching. HTH

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    sonsangel Guest


    No, I never had that Christy. Hmmmm, it's more internal and not right on the scar. The left side of the scar did take a little longer to heal because I kept laughing alot and it wept, thats the opposite side. It's a funny story really, I don't know where I'd post it. Oh well I'll tell it here.

    You know how you are supposed to get the third day blues. I never got it. One of my midwives who was on the large side - wonderful lady too. A rare one - anyway my dinner tray was on the floor near the door and as she bent over to pick up the tray she split her dacks. She stood up quicklyand said " Ooohhh I do believe I have split my pants" with her hand over her butt she backed out of the doorway but right into some visitors who I heard had noticed the split.

    Oh I cried with laughter so much so, she was unable to take my blood pressure for over an hour because everytime she came in I cracked up again. Oh I am still laughing with tears in my eyes. Dh thinks I am nuts sitting here LMAO with real tears about it 2 yrs later.

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    well i get this too, but i find its not on just one side, it just goes from one to the other,but it is minly on the right side. it does relieve it when i go to the loo, but sometimes its such i small amount that, i am starting to wonder.

    i went for a walk yesterday and came back with that much pain, i had to lie down, also i have been doing a aqau areobics class, in which i dont jump or run, i just take it easy,very low impact,but i find that pain comes after about 10 minutes, so i go to the loo and its better.

    i have been putting it down to either the bubs is close to my bladder, and or either its just all my body stretching.

    i see my midwife next week and was gonna mention it to her, as i still want to do a bit of excersize,but im getting worried i might injure my self

    sorry not much help here, but at least your not alone

    chrissy :flower:

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    sonsangel Guest


    I have my first Ob appt next Wednesday so I will be asking for sure. I am sure it's all normal.
    Yes, it is good to know I am not alone.

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    I have been to the drs twice so far with similar pain.

    Mine is on my right said (but more back than front)...each time the urine test has come up showing a slighty infection but not enough to cause the pain.

    The dr thought it may be muscle related as it worsens during the day. However the more water I drink the better it

    Glad to see Im not the only one

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    Hey i had bleeding around 6 weeks and it was because the baby was joiing itself to the wall. They say it the littlest amount of blood, its just the excess that isnt needed anymore as the baby is filling in the gap, then it will start to grow and yer, well im pretty young dont really understand it but yer i had that happen to me about 6 weeks and 2 days.
    But i wish you all the best of luck through now and throughout your preganancy.

    Take Care

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