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    Can I have your views regarding using panadol during pregnancy. Dh isn`t sure if it`s okay or not, it doesn`t say anything on the packet so I gather it`s okay in small amounts. I`m only using 1 tablet when I need it, which might only be once or twice in 2 weeks but the last few days I`ve been getting a niggly little headache, had 1 tablet last night before going to bed and still have a headache but don`t want to overdo it.

    Thanks Girls.

    Take Care


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    I was told Panadol is perfectly harmless when I was pregnant. So I took it when I had the flu and for back pain later on in the pregnancy. And generally if you think you might be in labour and call the widwives, I would always get told "take a panadol and lie down and see if it gets better" so it can't be too bad for you. Their current advertising in parenting mags is all about it being safe during pregnancy so they wouldn't advertise that unless they were allowed to.

    Just my thoughts, I personally don't see any harm in it.


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    Panadol is totally fine during pregnancy. I was even subscribed panadine forte during early pregnancy but the doctor said it was up to me if I took it or not. I ended up having to take 1 as had a bad reaction to a bee sting.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Thank you Cailin and Kathryn, I did think it was okay but wasn`t 100% certain.

    Take Care


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    My Dr said it was ok too, but even with shocking headaches I tried not to overdo it.

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    I had such bad back pain last pregnancy that I was even prescribed Panadeine Forte. I only took minimal amounts of it, but from memory I think the reason they don't recommend it generally is that it contains a good dose of codeine, which can make constipation worse (which can be a side effect of pregnancy) so they like to monitor you using it. Unfortunately there isn't much else you can take for pain relief in pregnancy besides panadol.
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    I heard the same things... and the midwives all told me not to be a martyr because the stress from pain can be pretty bad too..

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    i was told it was ok too, during last pregnancy, but also try not to overdo it, i had the worst migrane ever last night from work and other things, and i only took one panadol rapid (that stuff is bliss!) though i should of probably taken two as i still have a little niggling headache now

    take care

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    anything with paracetamol is fine ie. panadol, herron etc. you are not meant to take anything with asprin, ibuprofen (ie nurofen) of codeine.

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    I don't want to scare you or anything but my Dr has warned me NOT to take any Panadol or asprin and one other but I can't remember what as it has been found to cause many m/c.
    It is hard to know what to do because as we can see from everyones responses we are all getting different information. So who's Dr is actually right. Personally, I woouldn't use Panadol just to bet on the safe side.

    Hope your headaches are going away. Take care Leah

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    My doc said its prefectly fine. Take 2 every 4 hours if needed. I need to take it every few days because of bad back pain. I'm glad it's something i can take as i can't take panadeine forte or anything else for that matter, even when i'm not pregnant!

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    i am like that too tegan, anyhing with codeine in it gives me the shakes and makes me go a bit nutty!

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    I've hear the same things about panadol- that it can cause a highe risk of m/c but I think its just like many other medication in pregnancy- you asses the risk and judge for yourself. I mean doctors would prefer you take panadol instead of Ib profen and so on. If you're going to feel awful because you have a headache and don't do anything about it thats not going to benefit your health either. I was prescribed some pretty hefty painkillers last pregnancy for my sciatic nerve problems and Carter didn't have any birth defects. The other option is some natural remedies- just be careful not to use essential oils as many can be unsafe during pregnancy. For headaches try pressure points

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    I heard that panadol was ok too. The chemist told me that it was all I was allowed to take when I was sick. So it must be ok. Perhaps the people that have miscarried would have anyway?? IYKWIM? Like, I am wondering how large the risk really is, how big the control group is and how much panadol must they have consumed?
    I didn't have any while I had a cold but I do take them when I have a headache. I have no choice really. I cannot work with a bunch of screaming children and have a headache. It's not like I can lay on the floor and sleep it off,

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    Thank you for all your replies Ladies.

    Went for my 2nd checkup with Dr this morning and asked him about Panadol - his comment was "It`s absolutely fine".

    Take Care